You come back from holiday,a new family has moved in next door,but the boy,you couldn't stop thinking about much you loved him...

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1. Coming back


"Have you got all of your bags"my mum asks when you step out of the car door,"yeh I think" As you walk back into your house for the first time in 4 weeks as you've been on holiday you noticed something unusual.Music coming from your neighbors garage.

The music was getting louder an louder so you decided to go and see what your neighbors we actually you got closer you realized that people were singing and you could here the lyrics of the song but one that you haven't heard of,you carried on walking and you could see 4 teenage boys In your neighbors garage.A band.

The music stops as you finally get to the garage the 4 teenage Boys are all cute but there's one in particular you like. The drummer."Hi sorry were we being too loud,we'll stop if you want"The boy with weird green hair spoke apologetically but the color naturally suited him,"No not at all it was great!"

"Thanks I'm Michael this is Calum (pointing 2 Calum),Luke an-"He was cut off by another voice on the room."I'm umm Ashton"Ashton stood up and half shouted his name to me and his face turned bright red from embarrassment.

I couldn't take my eyes off him he was just like an angel.Calum and the boys laughed at Ashton.

Ashton tried changing the subject and asked me if I wanted a drink.and of course I couldn't refuse.

"Do you want a drink?"Ashton asked.

"Yeh sure "I had to I was talking to my new crush!

"Follow me then"he giggled and I instantly fell in live with him and his laugh...

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