The Popular Boy

Skylar was on her Senior year. Skylar wasn't a popular girl she's been a nerd her whole life. Then one night she got invited to a party. She never found out it was one of the popular boys named Ashton.From then on nothing was the same.


2. Nerd Party?

I decided to walk to his house considering I live down the street. I got there and there was 3 boys I don't know. Ashton walked over to me and said "hey Skylar." "Hi Ashton." "These are my friends Calum, Michael, and Luke." "Hi I'm Skylar." They all look kinda nerdy. They were all tall. Luke towered over me a little , and I'm a tall girl.

"Hey Skylar can I talk to you." Ashton asked me out of nowhere. "Sure Ashton." "I have a secret." Oh great last time this happened my crush told me he had a boyfriend. "What is it." "I'm also a nerd." Now it all made sense. Ashton never was on a sports team. He always was hanging out with other nerds from school. I always thought he was just bullying or being tutored by them. He also spends every free time we have at school in the music room. "I'm just like you Skylar." "Then why did you date Rebecca and why are you in the popular group?" " I'm only in there because my cousin is a famous basketball player, and Rebecca only wanted me for how much money my family has. This party is my friends I've never had parties with the popular kids."

"Well then starting tomorrow you will join me in the nerd group." " Ok can't wait." "Really." "Yeah I'll sit with you and show the whole school who I really am." He said. I was finally believing that once in my life, I might actually have a friend and maybe even more.

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