The Popular Boy

Skylar was on her Senior year. Skylar wasn't a popular girl she's been a nerd her whole life. Then one night she got invited to a party. She never found out it was one of the popular boys named Ashton.From then on nothing was the same.


3. Big Question

*2 months later

So it's been two months since Ashton joined the nerd group. I'm already in love with him, wait, no I'm not I'm madly in love with him but I don't think he loves me. I walked into school and went to my locker. "Hey Skylar!" "Hi Ashton." "Will you meet me at the park after school?" "Sure." That's all we said to each other for the rest of the day.

* Skips to end of school day

So I'm going to meet Ashton now. "Skylar over here." Ashton yelled over the sound of children playing and dogs barking. "Hi." I said as Ashton hugged me. "I have a question." Oh gosh I'm terrified. "I've liked you for awhile now and would like to know if you want to be my girlfriend?" I was completely caught off guard. I thought he was going to ask me on a date not to be his girlfriend. "Of course, I'd love to." I barely finished my sentence and we were kissing. "I love you Skylar." "I love you too Ashton." We then left the park and went back to my house.

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