Life is worth living

Everything changes for one girl that name is Bella Hemming's, or now Mabye Bella Dallas, or Mabye just her name Bella Hamilton


49. it's gonna be okay


I just sat on the floor crying like a little baby, then Sierra walked in and saw me, she came to me and said

What happened

Me and cam went on a date, and we went to apples bee, and Luke got jealous and pulled him by the collar and dropped him on the floor by his back I called 911 immediately, when I came they said only family or magcon people on the tour, there are a bunch of people with signs, I said crying a lot

Wait so you and Cameron are dating

Yea he asked me way earlier at matts house

U need to end it Bella this wouldn't have happened if you said no to him, I would rather him crying, then see him in pain. Said Sierra

Okay Sierra I'll do what you said

Family of Cameron Dallas, and his girlfriend, please come here, said the doctor

We both got up and he said

Cameron wants to see Sierra first then Bella Hamilton

Sierra went in then came out 10 minutes later, she came out crying and said

Go in Bella just end it with him already

I ran in the door and closed the curtains so the fans wouldn't see us, I said

Cameron we have to end us, this, me and you.

Why? He said while started to cry

Some people would rather see you cry, then get hurt by Luke again, I might just go back with Luke

Why bell your gonna make a same mistake as ALWAYS. Cameron said

Cameron don't you understand that yo- he cut me of by kissing me right on the lips

I pushed him of by saying

Cam... Cameron I'm sorry but it's done, it's over


Sierra would rather see you cry, then you see you hurt on a hospital bed

He started to say something, but I just got up and ran out, to see Sierra, Matt, Taylor, Nash, Aaron and I just passed by them and ran out of the hospital and sat in the car, then I saw Taylor walk out and spotted me, I just drove away

I got back to matts, and ran to his bedroom, and started crying I stayed in there for 4 days without water, or food, Jessica walked in and said

Mom? I'm going over to jadens place for three weeks I hope you don't mind being left alone

It's fine sweetie go have fun

As she left I started to cry more, and more, I walked downstairs and got water, and a chewy bar, and walked back upstairs it has been a week since Cameron was in the hospital, when I was done eating, I took a shower, then changed into some black sweats, and grey sports bra, and straightened my hair and just put eyeliner, and black mascara, ding, I put on a black big sweater and walked downstairs, ding,

I'm coming

When I opened the door it was cam I shut the door and sat down and started crying, ding, I just walked upstairs, and put on headphones and out loud music like all of me since I was depressed, I walked downstairs to get cereal, and I saw Matt and cam sitting down, I tried walking upstairs but Matt grabbed my arm

Let go of me Matt

Go put on a sweater or a shirt and come down

I walked upstairs and out on black skinny jeans, black and white crop top, and walked downstairs, and said

What do you want Matt

I umm need you to kinda go back to your house

Fine Matt

I ran upstairs put on my boots and leather jackets and took Jessica's stuff out of the room first, I walked downstairs and said to Matt

I will never talk to you again Matt so don't even bother calling me

I walked out with Jessica's stuff and drive to my house and put all her stuff in their, I closed the door and went to go get my stuff so I drove back, I opened the door threw the house key on the floor, and walked up to the guest room and got my stuff, and took out the sweater that cam gave me, and took out the one that Matt gave me when we were dating I walked downstairs and threw both of their sweaters in the floor, and said

I hope your happy now Matt.

I was walking outside and put my luggage in the trunk and realized I forgot my phone in the sweater Cameron gave me, I felt dizzy I was about to know but I fainted


I saw bell phone in the sweater I gave her I got up and walked towards the door and saw bella on the floor out cold.

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