The Maze

Anna was dragged to a Halloween maze by her best friend, but after The Maze, Anna regrets ever befriending her best friend. Little did they know that, The Maze would unleash a troubled boy that will cause Anna a bit of Stockholm syndrome.
"What are you doing? Are you trying to get yourself killed?" I ask as we run away from the cabin that was my home for almost a month.

"For you, I would do anything." He says back.

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12. chapter 11

Chapter 11

I wake up and stretch slowly. I open my eyes and sigh. Its the day I get released from the hospital. I am both ecstatic and relieved. Becca has been in the states visiting her grandparents and today she gets back because she just received word that I am back. She is planning on picking me up. I haven't seen her in a month and I really need her guidance and support when it comes to Eric. My parents are already supportive in a way, only because he is the reason I am alive, but they of course are still sceptical.

Also, tomorrow is court day. Tomorrow is the day Eric's fate will be revealed and it will tell us if there even is a little bit of a chance.

Nurse Nancy walks in. "Hey baby girl, I pulled some strings and got you your favourite for breakfast." She says as she walks in with french toast. Nancy has been my rock and happiness since i got here. She is so sweet and always talks about her new born grandchild.

"Thank you so much!" I say. "Ill be sure to visit with those cookies i was talking about."

She laughs, "Thanks my love. How are you? Nervous for tomorrow?" Nancy has also been my shoulder to cry on as well.

"I just don't want him to go to jail. He has kept me safe and ended up saving me. It just sucks." I say with a sigh.

"I know baby." She walks over and hugs me.

The door flies open. "Where the hell is she?" Its Becca, she locks eyes with me. "Don't you ever leave my sight. You ass, why do you always scare me." She says as she runs over and hugs me.

I laugh. "Nice to see you too."

"How are you?" She says.

"I'll get you up to date, but this is my Nurse Nancy." I say.

"Hello I'm Becca her best friend." She says as she goes in to hug Nancy. "Thank you for taking care of her."

Nancy lets go and smiles. "No problem." She kisses my cheek. "Visit, you can go now." I smile and thank her.

Becca helps me change into sweats and a t shirt she brought and wheels me out of the hospital and into her car.

"Hows your leg?" She says.

"The least of my worries but its fine. How are your grandparents?" I say

"Fine fine. What the hell happened Anna?" She says with a tear in her eye. "I thought you were gone for good."

I grab her hand. "Im here for good. Don't you worry."

"Spill everything."

So on our way back to my place, i tell her everything: my parents are in the CIA, Eric, the wolf, the kiss, the escape... Everything.

She stops the car on the driveway and turns it off.

"I got one question." She says

I nod.

"Is he cute?" She says. I laugh and punch her arm.

"Thats all you care about?" I say laughing.

"Well, its important so is he?" She says.

"Very cute, don't worry" i say.

She helps me out of the car and wheels me in the house.

"How are you? Are you afraid for tomorrow?" She says.

"Very nervous. They say that he shouldn't get jail time, but you never know. I just don't want to lose him."

We roll into the kitchen and i see a detective with my parents.

"Hey Im detective Jones. I'm here to ask you some last minute questions." He says.

"I thought i answered them all?" I say.

"Don't worry, it's harmless."

Becca rolls me to him, my parents kiss my head and they all leave the room with me left alone with the detective.

"How are you?" He says

"Fine. What are you going to ask me?" I say.

"Harmless yes or no questions." I nod "Has Eric ever physically harmed you, or force himself on you?" He asks.

"Oh of course not. He always catered to me and treated me with respect." I say.

"Did he say how many people were involved?"

"Not specifically."

"Did he say their whereabouts?"

"Not exactly. Shouldn't you be asking him these questions? Why would i know?"

"Just questions. Has he ever sexually harassed you or try to pull a sexual move on you?"

"No jeez! All he did was feed me and get me out of there."

"One last question, do you want him to have jail time? Would you feel safer?" He asks.

"No. Id feel safer if you get his boss and leave him be. I feel safer with Eric." I say.

"Stockholm syndrome. I see, thanks for your time." He says.

"Wait, do you think he will get jail time?" I say.

"Honestly, i don't think he will because in a way he was kidnapped too, but you never know." He says. I hope he is right.

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