They say were to young now to amount to anything els



2. first day

I walk into school and to the office to see what

class I'm in then go to the front desk

"Grade and name plz" the lady said

"Grade six Jenna read"

"Here's your schedule" the lady said

While handing me a sheet of paper

The first thing is math

I really didn't learn anything because it was

All reviews of fifth grade and I wasn't

Really paying attention because

I was doodling

Then it was science and I was also doodling

Then it was lunch so i headed to the cafeteria

Then I sat alone because well I really had no

Friends then someone sat across from me

I looked up and it was a blond boy looked

About my age and had flip hair

"Hi?" I said after a couple seconds

"Hey" he said back I'm Luke, Luke Hemmings

"I'm Jenna, Jenna Read" I replied.

"So wanna go to my house after school"

He said as if he knew me forever

"Um I don't know you, you could be a

Psycho killer"

I said joke fully "well your just perfect and I saw

You and it felt like I knew you already and

I feel so comfortable around you" he said


"Woah you need a reality check nothing's perfect

And true love at first sight doesn't exist and right

Now I'm not even shour love even exists"

"Well you still wanna come over?"

"Fine" I said mostly because his cluelessness

Of the world I kinda cute.

After school I went to likes house and in his

Room he had posters of nirvana

And other stuff like that and a guitar and it's a

Nice room

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