Ali and Aleeah's mom

I'm Leah Messer. I'm 22 and live in Elkview, West Virginia and am probably most well known for being on the shows 16 and pregnant and teen mom 2. I got pregnant aged 17 and gave birth to my twin daughters, Aliannah and Aleeah when I was 18. I had only been with the girls dad Corey for a month so it was a pretty fast relationship and we had to mature and adapt to each other as we would be in each others lives forever, and we eventually got married but sadly divorced so I live as a single mom with support from my family and Corey. It's been hard with Corey and I's relationship deteriorating and both of us alternating between parenting duties, but I'm still Ali and Aleeah's mom


1. Leah, Ali&Aleeah

I'm Leah Messer-Calvert. I was born on 24th April 1992 to Dawn and a father who I hardly know as he wasn't around much when I was growing up. I have a sister and a brother who my mom basically raised by herself but my dad left after they had been married 9 years and my mom met my amazing step dad, Lee who took us all on as his own. I met my ex, Corey at prom amd pour relationship went pretty fast as 2 months later, I was pregnant with our twins. I gave birth to Aliannah Hope and Aleeah Grace on 16th December 2009 but they had to stay in hospital as they we're premature. After we brought the girls home, Corey and I's relationship ended as I hooked up with my ex but soon after I realised I loved him and we got back together, eventually marrying. After 6 months of marriage, we called it a day for good and we divorced. I met my current husband, Jeremy not long after the divorce and our relationship went quick to, as I was pregnant but miscarried and he proposed.  We briefly broke up but got back together and married, having a daughter, Adalynn Faith together in 2013. After some ups and downs in our parenthood journey, Corey and I made it work cos after all, were still Ali&Aleeah's mom and dad. 

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