criminal run

The follow on from the fault in my stars! Louis and Megan get into mischieve leading to the end.


1. speaking out loud

Good morning_Louis

Morning, hey did you ever put that phone down last night_Megan

No I've been looking at a job_Louis

God must be a long job_Megan

You use to work for the police didn't ya_Louis

Yeah I'm gonna go back on Monday starting a new job_Megan

Okay then well erm I've got something that can help you_Louis


Criminal jobs_Louis

What are you crazy_Megan

No look Megan you've got hardly any time left you need to leave something for the kids_Louis

Louis that has_Megan

Nothing to do with me yes it has I'm gonna have to have you kids everyday they will be with me_Louis

Okay then what is it_megan

I've got myself into some trouble with a man called Gary Notts I stole some money from him_Louis

Oh god_Megan

Now we need to go and get some money for him from a club down the road then he'll let us off the hook_Louis

Us what_Megan


Well what?!_Megan

He threatened to hurt you me, niall, ellie and the kids._Louis

Oh Louis can't I leave you in charge for two minutes_Megan


Right then on Tuesday I'll take a break and we'll do it. Phone Gary and tell him were on it_Megan

Thank you_Louis

Louis don't I'm getting up and going out_Megan

Kay just leave me some toast_Louis

Get up and do some yourself_mega 

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