The Perfect Two *Rewrite*

Rian was never one for being the center of attention. Instead, she preferred being in her dorm and listening to music. Particularly, a boy band that seems to make all her worries of the world simply disappear. There's a moment in everyone's life that changes everything they know dramatically and Rian experiences this when she finally decides to show some confidence. Soon best friends, will be come enemies. Strangers become best friends, and finally a celebrity crush, becomes a reality.


13. Liam

I nudged Liam, there were a couple of questions I had for him before we got to baggage claim. From what Niall and Zayn were telling me this would be hands down the worst part. Niall told me that it's were every Directioner will find out about me. The thought about the instant fame about to hit me made me gulp in fear.

“Yes Rian” Liam asked looking down at me.

“Well I was wondering if we were going on another plane to Wolverhampton today” I asked shyly.

Liam smiled at me, “No we are staying in London for a day or two. I just don't want us to be extremely jet lagged, trust me it feels like a massive hangover.”

I sighed, “Good I don't want to look like a zombie when I meet you parents”

“You'd be one cute zombie” Liam chuckled.

“You're an idiot” I joked.

“Thanks for the love” Liam faked cried.

“Oh you know I love you Liam” I blurted. I stopped dead in my tracks and stared wide-eyed at Liam. There we go again! Rian fucking Michelle Rodriguez can you ever keep your goddamn mouth shut? My cheeks were most likely beet red.

“I love you too Rian” Liam admitted coming closer to me.

“Sure you do” I sighed. I know that he only felt obligated to tell me that because I said it first.

“Why don't you believe me Rian” Liam asked his brown eyes full of curiosity.

“Because your Liam James Payne for God sakes. You are one fifth of the biggest boy band that has ever been. You look like a model. You can get any girl you want and you settled for me” I said as tears began to form on the outer corners of my eyes.

Liam embraced me and looked me in the eyes, “You want to know exactly why I love you? Rian when I look at you I see an incredible women who I think is practically superwomen. You are gorgeous love. You think I look like a model, but you look like an angel. I have told my entire family about you and they all say that I am in love and it is the truth. I am in love you with”

“Liam I just feel like this just an illusion that this isn't real” I sighed.

“Rian it's not an illusion. What I am saying is the truth. Please love, promise me you believe in our love” Liam pleaded.

“I do I just don't want to get hurt” I sighed.

“I will never hurt you Rian. I swear to God” Liam promised.

I looked into his eyes. Somewhere deep inside I knew that Liam was being honest, but then I thought Ashley and Jordyn were being honest when they said they would be my best friends for ever.

“I believe you Liam” I whispered.

“Thank you” Liam whispered before softly kissing my lips.

I've learned that the softer his kiss the stronger the electricity felt. We caught back up with the guys who managed to get quite a bit ahead.

“Lover birds are back” Harry teased as he nudged my shoulder.

I smiled up at him, “There's no need to be jealous Harry. We can share Liam”.

Harry laughed, “Thank you Ri”.

That's when a very beautiful voice yelled for Lou. She was gorgeous. Perfectly soft curled hair, brilliant hazel eyes, flawless fair skin and an amazing smile. It was Eleanor Jane Calder. She is even prettier in person.

“Ellie” Louis yelled as he ran to her to kiss her.

“Oh how I've missed you Lou” Eleanor admitted, as she embraced him tightly.

I have always been an Elounor shipper. Don't get me wrong I love Larry, but Elounor is like the One Direction power couple. Eleanor smiled at all the boys and then looked at me.

“I don't think we've met. I am Eleanor” She smiled.

“Hi I am Rian” I smiled as I extended my hand.

“Honey I am a huger” Eleanor said enfolding me in her arms. I was blushing intensely after she let go of me.

“She is Liam's new girlfriend” Louis added.

“You picked a very stunning girl Liam” Eleanor said smiling at Liam.

“I know I did” Liam grinned.

“God I can't wait to get in my own bed. Rian I promise you that it feels like you're sleeping on a cloud. You will love it” Liam sighed.

“Liam wants the D” Harry whispered rather loudly to Louis. Yeah you can tell he's the youngest of the guys, but then again they are all immature in their own way.

“Don't listen to them” Eleanor sighed rolling her eyes.

“Trust me I've stopped” I admitted laughing.

“We should go on a double date while you are in town” Eleanor offered.

“That's sounds like a lot of fun” I answered.

“Ace, have you got a phone” Eleanor asked

“Yeah” I laughed.

“Can I see it” Eleanor asked

I handed her my phone and let her type in what I will guess is her phone number. She handed me my phone as we began to edge closer to baggage claim. Oh my God there were so many damn people from Directioners to paparazzi to people wondering what all the commotion is about. “Fuck” I mouthed to Niall who was staring at me. “Don't worry” He mouthed back. I gave him a thumbs up. As soon as we got in sight it seemed like I was getting flashed by millions of camera.'s. I can see it all over twitter in ten minutes Liam's new girlfriend. By tomorrow they will know every little detail about me. Well fuck.

I tried my best to smile and come of as extremely friendly. Even waving to the occasional girl who waved at me. I have never been one for to much attention. While I was dating Kyle I refused to kiss him in the halls, because I didn't want to draw unnecessary attention to ourselves. That's impossible with Liam. Every person staring at me began to make me increasingly self-conscious. I wasn't wearing anything too extravagant just skinny jeans, an oversized gray sweater, a black scarf, with a pair of black converse's.

It was extremely intense in baggage claim to say the least. Security was holding back crying and screaming girls. I have never seen this much mania in my entire life. To think this is normal for the guys. I will never get those loud screams out of my head. “Rian grab your case and run to the opening” Liam yelled over the girls. I nodded, squeezing his hand one last time. I briskly walked over to the convertor belt and picked up my suitcase. I looked around and saw the tiny opening. Well fuck my life. I jogged out threw the opening., occasionally looking back at Liam who was still waiting for his suitcase.

When I got outside the airport I saw Niall sitting in a van that looked a lot like the one from the in US. Except the rows were facing each other.

“You made it” Niall cheered.

“I did” I gasped. I felt like I had taken my first breath since the baggage claim area.

“You did great Ri” Niall encouraged. I smiled at him and hugged Niall tightly.

“Thanks Niall. I love you” I smiled. Now why is it easier to tell Niall that I love him than it was for me to tell Liam.

“I love you too Ri. Oh and I told Liam you may want to go to Nandos” Niall laughed.

I looked at him and laughed, “Thank you Nialler”.

Then Zayn plopped up in the front sit, following behind was Liam and Harry.

“Oh hi there love” Liam greeted me.

“Hi there Li” Niall chirped in.

Liam laughed and shook his head, “Hi Niall”.

Harry interrupted the conversation by asking, “What did we miss”.

“Just Nandos talk” I answered.

“Oh so we didn't miss much” Harry laughed. Then last but not least came Louis and Eleanor. 

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