Round & Round

Jason McCann/Justin Bieber, gets charged for something and gets into jail.. Where he meets Cameron Smith. She is a cop. The two of them start talking and it changes into something it shouldn't


2. Chapter 2

"Jones you check up on Blue.. And Miller you check up on Moore... Smith there's a guest in the room for you... She wants to see McCann.... And the rest you make sure everyone is inside..." "Yes sir" we all said in unison. I threw the rest of my sandwich in the trash and made my way to the waiting room, "Mrs. Bieber.." A little woman stood up and walked towards me, "yes ma'am I would like to see my son.. Justin Bieber.." "Um just a minute Mrs." I smiled and made my way to my boss, "can McCann have any visitors yet?" "He can... But it won't be very long.. 10 minutes" my boss explained. I made my way back to the woman nodding, "you can visit him Mrs.. Please follow me.." "Thank you so much" she almost cried, "look I don't know what you got told but I know he didn't do it.." "Ma'am... Please... I know you love your son.. And now you have the chance to talk to him so please do that... I'll be watching by the way" I said annoyed. They always started complaining about how much they loved their children and that their children didn't do it. Or their husbands. It was driving me crazy because I knew that their beloved children or husbands did do it.

I lead her to her son and at the second she saw him she started crying, "what are you doing here Justin?" "Mom? What are you doing here?" Jason/Justin exclaimed, seeming kinda happy. "I'm visiting my son" she smiled, "can I come in?" "Cameron can she come in?" Jason/Justin asked. "I'll just check.. Mrs. Bieber you're coming with me..." I smiled, "I know it's annoying.. But I have to follow the rules.." His mom sighed and followed me. "Sir can she come into McCann's cell if David is watching?" I knocked on the door opening it. "Um... And Daniel" he smiled looking up. "Michael" Jason's mom exclaimed. "Patricia" my boss exclaimed happily. "Smith please take Patricia to his son.. And take David and Daniel with you.." he cleared his throat, "come by my office before you leave Patricia.." I rolled my eyes and went back to Jason with his mom, David and Daniel behind me.

I unlocked Jason's cell and let his mom inside. While they were talking I caught myself staring at Jason. He was actually pretty handsome. I couldn't think like that. I was a cop, he was a prisoner. "I'm sorry but 10 minutes is up now... You have to get out of there Mrs." I smiled and unlocked the cell letting out his mom, after they hugged. "You know the way to his office" I smiled at Jason's mom. "Thanks" she smiled walking away. "See ya McCann" I started walking away, but then he shouted, "hey I wanna talk.." "Quickly... Because I have other things to do.." "Oh really? Like what Smith?" he raised an eyebrow. "Like make a rapport... See ya McCann" I smiled and walked away, with him shouting after me. "Hey bitch I'm talking to you..." "Come back or I'm gonna beat the shit out of you.." I just shut the door and began the rapport.

"I'm going home now Smith.. Good luck... You're alone now... Besides the guards of cause" my boss smiled. "Okay sleep tight" I yawned looking up at him. He nodded, "I will.." When I heard a door shut I stood up and went to check if everything was as it should be. And it wasn't Jason was making noises, causing the other prisoners to shout at him. "McCann please stop drumming... It wakes up the prisoners" I commanded walking to his cell. "Hi babe" he smirked looking at me. Dammit I forgot to button my shirt. I quickly buttoned my shirt, "you have to be quiet McCann..." "Can you just call me my real name stupid? You know what it is!" he spat. What the fuck? "Sure Bieber... If you want people to call you your real name why do you have another name?" I teased. "Because assholes like you won't find me.. So easily.." "Okay but look how easily we found you Bieber" I winked walking away.

"Why are you always walking away? Huh? Are you afraid of me slut?" I took a deep breath in and walked back to his cell. "Look Justin, Jason, whatever your name is... I'm trying to be nice to you okay... So don't you dare to call me names like that" I said under my breath, "I've got a lot of power compared to you... So be careful..." "Uh I'm really scared..." he laughed. "I'm serious McCann!" I said sternly, pointing at him. "I don't want to talk to you anyway bitch" he spat, as I walked away. "I know" I teased. "David please go check up on Jason for me and stay there.." "Yes ma'am" he smiled and walked away. I sat down and closed my eyes.

"Miss Smith McCann has been asking for you in for an hour now" I heard my door opening. I took off my high heels and took on my sweatshirt, I was really tired, "bring him in here..." "But-" "Just do as I say please" I smiled. "Yes ma'am" David said as he walked away again. I closed my eyes again and got waken up by someone opening the door, "what do you want?" "I'm here with Jason as you told me to" David said innocently. "Sorry I'm just tired... Bring him in" I yawned standing up. I took on my sneakers. David lead Jason inside and made him sit down on a chair with handcuffs on, then he stood up against the wall keeping an eye out for Jason. "Thank you David now go and check up on the other prisoners... I'll shout if I need any help okay" I beamed at David. After some time he nodded and closed the door behind him. No cameras and soundproof walls and door.

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