Free Falling

Mackenzie a 17 years old beautiful weird girl who doesn´t have anything or anyone and thinks her life is going down suddenly finds a reason to live.

I use cool songs for the tittles


6. Who is she?

The rest of the day passed quickly, it was a torture because the faster time passed the faster I would be walking alone in the streets of Brookville trying to find my way home. And that was exactly what happened, I was about two blocks away from school and I didn’t even know which way to go.

Suddenly a black BMW pulled up next to me, pulling down the window Jason appeared to be the one driving it. Like always, he was there when I was completely lost.

“Come on Mac, hop in, I’ll drive you home, and don’t say no because you’ll get nowhere by yourself” He said, and as much as I wanted to refuse he was right. I gave him the address and got in the car. I was surprised to see the same guy that was with Jason at lunch. I was waiting for a proper introduction but that didn’t happen.

“Who is she?” The guy asked Jason, at least we had something in common. We were wondering who the other was.

“She’s the friend I talked to you about, the one from the flight” Jason answered.

“So, you’re the famous Mac?” He asked, before I could answer Jason did.

“Hey! Mackenzie please, only her friends can call her Mac” I liked the way Jason though. We had known each other for a day and a four hour flight and he was already one of the most important persons in my life.

“No, its fine, you can call me Mac” I said before Jason said anything else. For the first time, the guy directed his intense gaze to me

“We are not friends, ginger” He said. Ginger? Really? What did my hair have to do with this? I didn’t talk for the rest of the way. He was better looking with his mouth shut. Now he was like the hot jerk.

We got to the apartment and I said goodbye to Jason ignoring the other guy, got out of the car and started walking to the entrance.

“Hey ginger, aren’t you going to say goodbye?” He said through the window, I got closer to the car again and looked at him in the eyes.

“I only say goodbye to my friends, we are not friends” I winked at him and Jason started laughing. The jerk didn’t seem happy to hear what I said, so he just glared at me and pulled his window up, pressuring Jason to start driving.

I opened the door to the apartment, only to see my cousin and her two friends with three different guys from the ones yesterday. It scared me to stay too much in the same room as them so I quickly served some of Kate’s attempts of spaghetti and went to my room.

I put some music on and for some reason all I could think about was that jerk, I also got kind of mad about the way he talked to me, but it quickly faded away when I remembered how strange my school was. Like I said before, I had never gone to a real school but from the way I saw it in movies, it was nothing like it. Cheerleaders being your friends, and getting along with some guys from a band. Where were the football players? Although these questions were running through my mind, I liked the school the way it was, it had been a great day for me, and I wouldn’t let anything, not even that jerk, ruin it. First day of school, and I’m friends with cheerleaders, guys from a band and I already had a best friend, I don’t know what would happen next, but I was eager to find out. 

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