Free Falling

Mackenzie a 17 years old beautiful weird girl who doesn´t have anything or anyone and thinks her life is going down suddenly finds a reason to live.

I use cool songs for the tittles


4. Alone

The thing of living this moment alone became too literal. I’ve been sitting at the main entrance of the airport for three hours now and no one had shown up with sign with my name on it. I watched people come in and out of the doors, and made up stupid conversations between them in my mind to kill time, it might sound weird but it did help.

Suddenly a young blonde wearing too short shorts walked through the main entrance, she walked up to me.

“I’ve been looking for you everywhere. Come on, I’m in a rush” She said, and no, there was no sign, no hug, she didn’t even look at me

“You just walked in, where were you looking for me?” I was confused

“It doesn’t matter, let’s go” That was all she said.

I got in her new car. It was a mess on the inside. There were bottles of beer, cigarettes and even condoms spread out on the floor and seats. I didn’t even want to imagine what had happened in here.My cousin didn’t speak a word throughout the way. It wasn’t the welcome I was expecting but I just ignored it. All I wanted to do was get to the apartment.

 After 10 long minute trip (yeah It was beautiful town but really small)  we pulled up in front of a large building and went up the elevator to the fifth floor, where the biggest apartments where supposed to be. I was fascinated, when we entered the apartment I saw my cousin’s friends, the ones she shared the apartment with, I guess. But they weren’t alone, some guys where with them.  When we entered they all looked over at us.

“Girls, this is my cousin, Malenzie, she’ll be living with us, and she’s out of your reach guys” She introduced me, well, kind of,

“It’s Mackenzie” I corrected her.

“Whatever, Nancy, go to your room an let us get back to where we were” One of her friends said while snogging with one of the guys. She was definitely the stupid one. I didn’t even bother on correcting her about my name.

“Your room is the last one on the right, by the way my mom took care of decorating your room, and buying you clothes” My cousin said. I just smiled and went to my room, listening to her friends complain about me,

“Does she seriously have to live with us?” One of her friends asked

“Yeah, or my parent won’t pay for my rent” Kate explained.

I chose not to listen to rest and opened the door to my new room. It was perfect, there was a bed in the middle with a nice sofa on one side of the room. There were frames with no photos in the walls, I suppose I had to fill them. In a corner there were some amazing speakers. Despite the fact that I was living with this people, I finally had a space of my own.

I remembered what Kate had said about the clothes. Without a doubt I opened the closet and everything I would ever need was there. Sweaters, skirts, tops, jeans, all kinds of shoes and boots, including a backpack with a few notebook. I would finally be going to a normal school, although I was afraid that I wouldn’t fit in, I was excited to go. I decided that it was time to go to bed, I couldn’t believe how comfortable it was, I closed my eyes and in a few second I drifted off to sleep. 

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