Free Falling

Mackenzie a 17 years old beautiful weird girl who doesn´t have anything or anyone and thinks her life is going down suddenly finds a reason to live.

I use cool songs for the tittles


1. The City

"Mackenzie, wake up sweetheart." I heard my mom calling my name as I sat in the back seat of our car. I fluttered my eyes open. I noticed that it was late, but the city lightsmade it easy for me to see the tall buildings that surrounded us. People walked hurriedly, the kids my age dressed in elegant and expensive clothes.

I just wanted to go back to Quakertown, Pennsylvania everything was better there. It was small, simple and we knew all our neighbors. I opened the window and the city smelled like smoke, I saw nothing but boring buildings. I hope that we find a nice park where I can play. "Dad how long will this holiday last?” I asked my dad a little frightened of the city

I was only ten years old so there were many things that I didn’t quite understand yet. My dad just let out a small laugh "Mac!  This is your new home princess, this is where I have a new job, the four of us will have a new life" My father said as he stroke my mother's belly of 6 months

“What about my friends?” I asked confused

"Don’t worry, you’ll make new ones, baby” My mother said with no worries.

My parents were the most amazing people I knew. My father was a tall, handsome and successful lawyer and my mother a beautiful photographer she had deep blue eyes and a big smile was always plastered on her face, when I saw her do her makeup or brush her long brown hair all I wanted was to grow up and be exactly like her.

My mind went back to the idea of making new friends, and it scared me a lot. Since I came from a small town I had all my friends since I was born, I never had to make new ones. This was all I was able to think about, what I didn’t know was that within five minutes my concerns would be others.

My father took the highway since it was the fastest way to get to our new home, one that I was anxious to see. For a couple of weeks now, all I heard my parents talking about was that the house was perfect for us, they said it had a big pool to spend the Sunday afternoons together, and a beautiful garden for my mother to take pictures.

While my father was driving, my mother was taking silly pictures of me to keep us entertained, we were both laughing at the faces I would make. Suddenly a car passed by us, older kids were yelling, laughing and throwing bottles out the window. The car full of hit ours, making my father lose control, and we crashed.

I laid there, I could barely open my eyes, I tried to move or call my parents but my body didn’t respond, after a while, everything went dark.

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