I Will Protect You

Cori lives a troubles life and is mixed in with all the wrong people but what happens when she collides lives with one of the most wanted criminals alive. Even worse, she dating his worst enemy Jason McCann and when he vows to protect her no matter what, things get a little complicated. Will they catch feeling for each other?


1. Chapter 1,

run Cori run

I told myself as I forced my legs to move faster than they've ever moved. I looked back to see the men starting to disappear.

Faster Cori! I yelled at myself.

After  I ran for another five minutes I felt my legs begin to wobble. I took a corner about 60 feet back and I think I may have lost them.  I slowly slowed down and sat by a rock to rest.


"There she is!!" I heard a husky voice say.  


"Shit!" I whispered to myself as I forced my legs to continue.


All of a sudden I felt the ground give about beneath me. I hit the earth's surface hard. My legs were in pain. I couldn't even feel them . I could hear the footsteps of the men getting closer. I quickly crawled to a near by piece of tree that had fallen. I hid behind that which was between a large rock. 


As I seen the men go by I went to get up and move again.

What the hell! I wanted to scream as a gut wrenching pain shot up from my right leg. I moved them again, twisting and turning in all directions when all of a sudden I heard a crack. 


Don't scream, Don't scream!

 I had to convince myself as the realization hit that my leg was just broken. I could feel a warm liquid begin to run from my leg. Blood.

I began to panic. 


"Hello?" I screamed.








"Is anybody here?"


I looked around  as far as my body would let me and all I could see was black. Black, black, and more black.


"Hello, is anybody out there. Can you hear me?" I asked. Suddenly I seen a tall figure walking my way.


"Help…" I yelled once more before falling into a pit of blackness.


Thank you for reading this story, honestly it doesn't really have a name. I call it Cori because of the main character but it could always change.  This is going to be an action packed story. It will have a lot of violence but also a lot of Love in it to. I ask that you tell me what you think, it gives me better inspiration and helps me come up with new ideas. Like, Comment and Favorite! The next chapter will be up within the next few hours! 8/24/2014

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