More Than Pretty

17 year old Kyla moves halfway across the globe to Sydney Australia.
Kyla has a chance to start over, forget her past. But forgetting isn't as easy as it seems.

Kyla's dark past rushes back.
Can the mysterious drummer cure Kyla of her nightmares?

Find out in More Than Pretty.


1. Last snowflake

I took one last look around our house before I stepped through the door for the last time.

I hugged my coat around me tightly as the cold wind blew snow in my face.

Winter has always been my favourite time of the year. The way the snow glistens when the sun shines upon it, the way the trees stand silently beautiful and the way icicles distort light.

"I'm gonna miss this." I thought as a snowflake landed on my nose. My last snowflake. After all, it doesn't snow in Australia.

I'm sorry. I know this chapter sucks. I promise it will get better.

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