Breaking Society

Why? Me?

I don't understand,They pick on me over and over again like that's going to make me change.Seeing me hurt mite cause them satisfaction but would you take it so far that I don't want to breath anymore.Or that I have to hide my bruises from my parents and put on a fake smile but what if I break what if I truly leave will anyone care? Will they feel truly guilty maybe I should have told someone before it got this bad but maybe I can change I can improve my self make me what everyone want's me to be then they will like me and maybe just maybe I'll be okay for once...


9. ~9~




                 He looks at me and getting Pierre to lie for you low I shrug so are you going to tell me whats really going on or are we going to have to talk to Pierre because I'm clumsy doesn't work for anything and I've seen you play soccer I look at him not every one can be professional gosh and your nurse saying that your there everyday we kind of have know whats going I look at him well damn. he looks at me you won't stop bleeding child I look at him. So is it that bad you don't want to tell us I look at him then down or are you scared it mite hurt our feelings he looks at me I shrug maybe possibly number two. he shakes his head your killing your father child he paces every night in that office thinning what going on with you the nightmares scare the shit out of him and he just won't sleep after them and Celia  breaks down because she thinks your hurt I look at him so maybe telling us is better so we can fix it. 

                You can't do anything it's all my fault because I'm the problem he looks at me you are now I nod s tears fall and the bleeding stops he wipes my tears away and hugs me as I heard Aiden walk in and slam his room door. 

About an hour later I heard my Dad call me down I looked at him and I saw a boy and a girl standing next to each other  the boy was taller than her and listing to music and she crossed her arms doing the same you can really tell they were twin the boy took out his ear phones and smiled at me I smile Natalia he smiled back I'm Jailynn and this is Jaycee   then we both looked at our parents I saw two boys with black hair in the kitchen with my Dad's so.. want to hang out in my room he looks at me sure.. Jaycee took out her ear phones Oh Hi I smile Hi I'm Natalia but um call my Talia she nods it's cute  I heard Jailynn sigh as we walked in she looked around huh? cute!

                She looks at me so you go to public huh I nod you like It i shake my head you get bullied don't ya I stayed silent I used to too it's fine. Used to I say she nods yeah before I was well more out spoken and took less shit from everyone I nod you just let it happen I look at her well they she looks at me they look like they get physical I look at her I had a rock thrown at my head Why I mean you seem nice and your cute well I mean like your pretty but I would never date you I mean I don't know you enough to say that I  just well meant  it as a friends Jailynn says I look at him just ignore him  Bye Jailynn Jaycee says as she kicks him out.

                Well I can tell were going to be best friends I look at her really! she nods as she put  her number in her phone then put mine in hers and I will help this stupid bulling thing she says starting tomorrow my school gets out an half and hour earlier so I will just have my mom drop you off. I look at her well I'm easy to spot I mumble usually running she  smiles I'm easy to spot to I have bright red hair.Sorry about my brother he just gets nervous a lot idiot I laugh as she put his number in too then I'm guessing texted him mine.

                He walked back up stairs why are you back? she mumbles slowly her shrugs Dad set me back up she sighs well stop being so awkward she says I looked at him as he closed the door and sat down at my desk. So hows it like having two sisters Jaycee mumbles I shrug it's fine but I only really like one sister. She looks at me the older one seems like a little bit of a brat but you have to love them.I looked at them yeah I guess, I heard you had a brother I shrug not much of a brother if I never meet him before .strange Jailynn says I  nod yeah my family shitted up  aren't they all Jaycee mumbles I mean I haven't meet someone with a normal family yet that actually had some fun in there life so all the weird people have fun Jaycee mumbles.

                I shrug Fun, Sure she laughs as Jailynn was on his phone I looked at her bright red hair she smirks Like it? I nod it's pretty thanks My parents are still mad about it I laugh well was it worth it she nods it Expresses my self I wish I could dye my hair Why not? I laugh My Dad would freak she looks at me well It is your hair they can't Make you change it back I shrug true. But I don't know she looks at me how about we teach you to stand up for your self first then we can go on to getting grounded for a month.

                So what are you doing tomorrow I shrug nothing I mumble Really?I nod running I run everyday she looks at me sing up for track in the spring I look at her  I-I-I don't do sports she looks at me everyone does sports I shrug.I guess that's another reason that I'm a nobody She looks at me well everyone a somebody she says I shake my head I was born to be somebody she sings slowly. I roll my eyes yeah I guess you were but me not so much.

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