Breaking Society

Why? Me?

I don't understand,They pick on me over and over again like that's going to make me change.Seeing me hurt mite cause them satisfaction but would you take it so far that I don't want to breath anymore.Or that I have to hide my bruises from my parents and put on a fake smile but what if I break what if I truly leave will anyone care? Will they feel truly guilty maybe I should have told someone before it got this bad but maybe I can change I can improve my self make me what everyone want's me to be then they will like me and maybe just maybe I'll be okay for once...


16. ~16~

     As the bus stopped we got off good luck! I nod as we turn the corner and I got my crunches situated  and we started walking she stopped in front of me making me fall  just going to attack the crippled she laughs  this is it, I got my crunches as she walked out and banged on the door I got my phone and crunches as the door opened.And you are? I heard a voice say then someone else came to the door as I got up don't mind him he's just mad.I'm Nate you must be Jaycee she nods and your sister is the crippled one on the floor I got up slowly.Do you need help? he called out I shook my head as my and Jaycee walked inside. 

                And your Dad well our Dad let you come I shake my head I'm suppose to be at school he laughs, So um what exactly happened with your leg he says slowly I shrug people don't like me.He looks at me so you get bullied I nod but it's no big deal he laughs well must run in the family. I nodded slowly so is this your boyfriend? Jaycee says looking at the other boy he nods got a  problem? I'm not a homophone that would be  wrong in my situation ..Why are you gay? Nate's boyfriend no my dad's are though,your lucky my grandma wasn't here she hates gay's.
                I nod that's why she won't let Dad get custody he's gay? I nod slowly married and everything.. and they adopted too little girls Celia and Darcy 8 and 2 so I have 3 sisters I nod. That sounds..annoying? no sounds interesting he lived an only child life he doesn't understand. I nod well I'm currently grounded because of them so being an only child sounds nice.

                What did you do? I shrug I yelled at Celia who's 8 4 times then apparently gave them attitude and fell asleep during Celia's play..They sound strict I shake my head no just Dad but um Lou I call him Daddy I shrugged it off he's usually not working as much and he's more laid back.So you came all the way up here just to meet me? I nod then we have to do something fun. come on they lead us outside leave your crunches can you um deal with out them I nod.

                They took us outside shouldn't you be in school? Jaycee asked no we don't have it today or tomorrow so a long weekend Jaycee says he nodded slowly.So really you have no excuse not to come down this weekend he nods well um I guess but to just show up and meet my Dad is a little she laughs you guys have no imagination..Give your self a different name I have a brother we can always say your down for the day to visit him and if it goes wrong you meet your Dad out of it. He leans in to me she gets in trouble a lot doesn't she I nod.

                You guys kind of even look a like  His boyfriend said slowly..Natalia and Nathan first three letters are the same he says your a dork Sam he shrugs slowly I'm just saying.I put my hands through my hair as we stopped at a mini gold place. Know how to play? We nodded but I suck I mumble Sam shrugs as we start playing I grabbed a pink ball.

                Boys against girls Jaycee says okay Sam mumbles looses first Nathan says as he motioned to us he said losers go Talia I roll my eyes and hit the ball.and it was like a inch away from the whole.Lucky hit Nathan says as Jaycee went and bumped my ball in I smile Is that good! She nods  When he finished we lost by one point.Okay you guys lost,I nod so? they shrug as they took my phone.I kind of need that! I say slowly trying to take that back and they took pictures of us as we started to walk back Snipe Nathan said and took a group picture of all of us.I got my phone back it's 2:30 we should probably head back.

        They nod well I'll talk to  you later Nathan says slowly as I put my crunches under my arm,Before we left he hugged each other then got on the bus.I second later I got tagged in a post , It was a picture of me and him it was his cover photo.I smirked a bit and changed mine to the picture of all of us. As we got home I saw my parents car in the drive way  Jaycee held on to me as we walked in. 

                We saw both of our parents Jailynn looked guilty and Aiden looked tired,So do you want to tell us were you where ?I shake my head at my Dad Aiden looked at them he was still in his Pajamas Jaycee's and her family went home I'll text you I nod as I got told to sit down.So why didn't you go to school I  was guessing Celia was up stairs.

                My Dad was crossing his arms as My Daddy was sitting on the counter,I shrugged I didn't want to.They nod so you didn't want to call and tell us? I shook my head why not? I shrug you were going to yell at me like you are now? NO were yelling at you know because we get a call from school saying you never showed up then came home and you weren't here.So you went somewhere with no permission my dad says.My daddy was on his phone Lou.My Dad says he looks up,What harry? He sighs this is serous stop looking at your phone.

                He looked at my Dad,She went to go meet Nathan he looked at me then him and you know this how? He must have been on face book Nate young (Nate) just became friends with her and his recent post "Meet my twin today" feeling Excited and pictures of her another boy and Jaycee.And how did you know were he lived my Dad says I looked down.You went through my emails he says raising his voice.I shrugged Maybe I did maybe I didn't the world will never know.

                He looked at my Natalia I'm not kidding did you yes or no?I shrug Maybe! That's my final answer he shook his head why would you go through my personal stuff you being a minor being my child have no right to hack into my Email. I think So Daddy does? He dose't ether because it's mine! I look at him and thought You have no right going through my business trying to figure out were I was and going through my friends because there mine! I say as I cross my arms Aiden laughs.

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