Breaking Society

Why? Me?

I don't understand,They pick on me over and over again like that's going to make me change.Seeing me hurt mite cause them satisfaction but would you take it so far that I don't want to breath anymore.Or that I have to hide my bruises from my parents and put on a fake smile but what if I break what if I truly leave will anyone care? Will they feel truly guilty maybe I should have told someone before it got this bad but maybe I can change I can improve my self make me what everyone want's me to be then they will like me and maybe just maybe I'll be okay for once...


12. ~12~

                You should have just said you liked it my Daddy says I did after I hit you he says your husband is a little bit fuc-annoyed? Bitchy? Favoring Celia He looks at me through the mirror. Not really Talia I nod he didn't even say he loved me then gets all sweet with her,he looked at me well you still know he loves you unlike Celia who would have freaked out but what if I didn't. But you did we arrived and I saw my dad get out of the car, Just be mindful he just found out yesterday his princess get's bullied I look at My Daddy your good he smiles I try.

        He helped me out of the car as we walked in and sat down Celia sat next to my Dad in Corner  as  Darcy was in a high chair and I was across from Celia next to my Daddy I put my head down as he rubbed my back. What are you getting Talia Celia asked.Nothing! I said slowly why not you love Ice cream.I'm not hungry I heard a sigh and I lift my head up.

                        They were looking at me What? my Dad shook my head as my Daddy gave me a look fine I'll get strawberry I say my Daddy nodded and I put my head back down.I hate you all what's wrong with Tally? Celia asked I'm guessing my Dad who knows. I lift my head up can I go to school tomorrow? My parents looked at each other will talk about this later I look at my Daddy. He shrugged I crossed my arms  that's not fair! Talia I shook my head My Dad looked at me Natalia not now! I'm just saying you guys all ways say well talk about it later when Celia's around! and I usually end up getting yelled at which isn't fair but you always give Celia a straight up answer and it's always yes! and she never ever gets yelled at.

                Because she knows how to drop things my Dad says I look at him,Maybe I would too if I would get a solid answer once in a while.You do get solid answers Talia My Daddy says not really!  and if I do it's always NO! Favoritism much! We don't show favoritism towards anyone my Dad says I roll my eyes Yeah what ever! You guys act completely different towards Celia then me   and she always come first! Like you have another Child here.Natalia my dad says I look at him what! I'm just saying the truth Your making this bigger than it really needs to be!

                Well if someone will give me a fucking answer,My Daddy sighs Talia  you did it now I told you about them words he whispers to me Where do you think it's okay to curse at us! I look at him when I'm being Neglected, Your not being Neglected Natalia your being a brat! I look at him I fucking hate  everyone My dad shakes his head come on Talia. I get up and walk away with my crunches in my hand. As my Dad got in the car I crossed my arms.

                Really Natalia really? I nod slowly I'm tired of he shakes his head save it he says slowly He just said later because he has to think about it and you know that he doesn't want you to get hurt anymore and he knows he can't stop it like he want to.I bit my lip and your far from being Neglected and you know it I couldn't think of a better word  He shakes his head.And We don't want Celia knowing that our family has problems she worry's and we don't want her worrying because she's only 8.

                I got out and went to my room and blasted my music, ignoring everyone I heard a car pull in the drive way.I heard someone walk up stairs  you made Dad mad Celia says really mad I don't care I mumble she turned off my music and walked out. and left my door open CELIA! I yelled  SHUT THE FUCKING DOOR! I heard my parents arguing down stairs "you always take her side Louis" " No I don't Harry" "Well you didn't take my side at fucking all" "well in the car we had a conversation about it and I did take your side" "Harry don't look at me like that what do you want me to do?" "Take my fucking side Louis"  "I did" "No the hell you didn't you didn't say anything when she cursed" " Harry She's 15 she's going to curse she's not a little fucking kid anymore"   "You don't think I know Louis.But still that doesn't give her the reason to yell  at us like that" 

                "What do you want me to do harry walk up stairs and yell at her"  "I never said yell at her I just want you to go up with me and talk to her and take my side!" "Harry you been pissed off seance this fucking morning I don't know what the hell is wrong but calm down before you talk to her"  "Nothing is fucking wrong"  " Louis William"  "what I'm just saying you know  what I'm done talking about this"  I heard foot steps  up the stairs "Louis William Tomlinson were not done with this conversation" "well I am" I saw my Daddy walk up stairs he shut my door and then I guess walked into his room.I heard my Dad walk up after then  open his door and shut it.

                My door opened and I saw Celia are they going to break up? I don't know!  Why are they yelling? I don't know! Is it because of me? Is one of them going to go away? I DON'T FUCKING NO CELIA NOW GET THE FUCK OUT PLEASE! She started to cry sorry she says I heard my parents door open.I didn't mean to make you mad I just wanted to know.

        How would I know? She shrugged I don't know maybe they told you,I don't know anything why would they tell me anyway they don't even love me she looks at me yes they do I shake my head they love you more they don't even want me anymore she cried harder. Don't leave though! they love you really they do! She started screaming and bawling her eyes out.CELIA SHUT THE FUCK UP! PLEASE! OR GET OUT! She looked at me in my door way as I saw my door open wider and saw my Dad and Daddy appear. I'm sorry she says between tears I didn't mean to they looked at me and picked her up and walked away and my Daddy shut the door.

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