Forever Is A Lie

Britton is a 20 year old semi-directioner as her sister won a trip to play a game with one direction of 1D day as Britton got stuck picking her up she meets them and Falls for one He says He loves her Forever and Always.Forever is a lie you will say you love me until someone better comes and i'm yesterdays new Worthless to you she tells him. He smirks but even if you die I will love you you will stay in my mind forever because to me you are Perfect leaving a Imprint in my mind forever... Forever means until you die she says say slowly He laughs then I love you for Infinity


34. Who's my dad?



I herd Eleanor talking to Mia and Kim I walked down stairs slowly Hi mama Kim says I smile and miss her head can we go out for breakfast Mia says I look at the time it's only 8 am please they scream fine fine they run upstairs Eleanor helped them get dressed as I got dressed and put on some make up I pulled back Mia's hair into two pony tails and put jell in Kim's and a hair band they put on there converse and we get in the car El was the last one in.

        As we walked I told the girls to pick a seat as we walked over slowly hey what if ya know Kim finds out who her dad is I look at El she doesn't even know what he looks like I mumble as I sit down next to Kim you see my picture mommy she says I smile I kind of wish she knew her dad but then again maybe every thing happened for a reason.

        Even Faith dying I don't think it has effect Mia yet I mean it hasn't really and they took a sample from Levi who didn't die and doesn't have the same D.N.A as Mia so the baby could always be Harry's if that's even possible but I don't think it is. Mommy who's that  Kimberlee asked I looked up it's Parrie she smiles Hey guys I laugh Hi Pierre Kimberlee and Mia both stare at her Pierre  this is Kimberlee and Mia.

                She smiles Mia she says I nod wait is Kimberlee yours I nod slowly with Um I nod she sits down NO WAY.Way  girl Kimberlee says Pierre  laughs well I just came in to use the bathroom Zayn's waiting for me but Um can we hang out tomorrow I nod I guess I say slowly as the girls took there food to go and there Pierre  was looking at Kim  as I walked out ignoring the guys completely it was just Zayn and Harry she has pretty eyes she says as Kim was staring at Zayn and Harry dead ass in the eye.

                I wanted El to grab her hand but she yanked it away Uh HI Harry says she crossed her arms Mia pulled her arm making her walk away Do I know them she says No baby you don't I say as I herd Mia mumble do you she says Yes she does but is being mean and doesn't want to say Hi I herd Zayn say I finish buckling them in and turn around Hi Zayn I say Harry they smile. 

                Who are they Harry asked Mia and Kimberlee wait you took in Mia well she right here isn't she Kimberlee says I'm guessing she's your kid I nod Kimberlee is so she's two right I nod almost three so two three years ago you where with Oh shit Zayn says Can we go before Mia pisses her self I nod Well bye I mumble they smile and wave as they leave and El was driving and I saw the rest of the group Mommy who are they Kimberlee yea Aunt Britton why did they care I shrug just old friends.

~3 PM

I was out side with the girls can we go to the grocery store to buy cookies Mia asked I look at her I guess I say she grabs my hand and El and we got pushed to the car Kimberlee was already in the car I laugh as we all get in I went to get a cart Mommy can we go get cookies they say No I mumble I go with you no the wine as we go down the cookie isle.

                They Run  down the isle and El fallows them
Harry ~
   So we where in the store we seen Britton and El  I  says Really I mumble yea she sees Happy that's um great Niall  say slowly so how's you and Zoe Liam asked  He  shrug she's okay he mumble  Then I herd kids screaming Cookie and I saw familiar faces Mia and um Kimberlee ran down the Isle then she stopped at us and stared at me and Zayn.

                Awkward Liam says she crosses her arms come on Kimberlee we have to get cookie dough before your  Mommy comes Mia says then stopped to uh she says I seen these people before she says and she makes a face it was weird and I try not to laugh. You she says pointing at Zayn the girl with blonde hair was with you earlier he nods so you must be Zayn she says and You she says pointing at Me you are harry.

                I nod so you guys know my mom she says witch is Louis says and you knew her mom witch is Louis says If you get loud again I will pop your mouth she says then I saw El turn the corner you didn't see us she says and runs away Eleanor Louis says Oh Hi Lou she says smiling. I have to go find Britton's Daughter so I have to go she says as she runs with them wait Britton had a kid I nod slowly as we continue walking  and we saw them again Harold who's Britton daughter Me! Kimberlee says slowly .

                Then I saw  Britton pick up Kimberlee I found the cookie dough she says where's Mia with El she says  but wait I was talking to someone she says then Britton turned to us.


Kimberlee was talking to them El whispered as I put her down I am Britton's daughter and that's Faith's daughter Mia but who are you she asked I'm uh Niall he says do you know my dad he shrugged useless she says and stomps away. I smiled and looked down as we went to cheek out I felt a tap your daughters cute Niall says I smile thanks I guess I say how old is she he mumble almost three years old I say she acts five I nod.

                She has a attitude I say slowly why would I know her dad I shrug maybe because she doesn't know him so she must have thought you did is it Levi I laugh wrong child I say slowly. He nods so Levi is Mia's dad I nod he was I don't know now. He nods slowly well Kimberlee is really pretty he says I laugh Um thanks come on the cookies won't bake faster Kim screams as she pulls El out side.

~Next day

                I was making lunch in the kitchen with El as Kimberlee was singing with Mia on Party Sing something like that and of course she's singing one direction right  El says I laugh and Nod she was singing story of my life the door bell rang darn now I have to start over she says as she turns It up. Hey Mommy don't you know them I nod slowly I sing better than them she says before she starts singing again I open the door slowly.

                Hey! Pierre says I smile Oh hi she walks in as Kim was singing ignore her she is um like her dad Pierre says sure I guess I mumble witch is Niall she says I look at her it's not hard to tell but the boys don't know at all not even a little there still trying to guess she says I laugh  when are you going to tell him I shrug should I she nods YES! I think she mite want to meet her dad ya know Pierre says I shrug maybe I will later  she sighs OR they can come when I am about to leave I sigh or He doesn't have to know she laughs I'm going to tell him she says I roll my eyes.

                They where done singing so now there dancing I just don't want the world to be in my daughters Business I say she nods I had them turn it off as they where eating but Kimberlee was still singing as my phone played music.She can sing El says I know right Kim says I'm just the awesome she says I laugh yea okay. after she finished she ran to the game room to play sing it again Mia walked behind her slowly.


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