Forever Is A Lie

Britton is a 20 year old semi-directioner as her sister won a trip to play a game with one direction of 1D day as Britton got stuck picking her up she meets them and Falls for one He says He loves her Forever and Always.Forever is a lie you will say you love me until someone better comes and i'm yesterdays new Worthless to you she tells him. He smirks but even if you die I will love you you will stay in my mind forever because to me you are Perfect leaving a Imprint in my mind forever... Forever means until you die she says say slowly He laughs then I love you for Infinity


38. they love each me!


        Today I had off I was in my jeans and my Hollister shirt as the girls just got into there clothes and ready we where going to the mall as El was walking down the stairs.

                As we arrived my phone went off with a message from Justin I looked at it as Mia ran to the bathroom Justin~ What up  I replied with saying I was at the mall and put my phone in my back pocket as Mia ran out she smiled at me what I say she shakes her head as she was pointing to the candy shop I looked at her smiling maybe before we leave she pouts as soon as I say that and we go to a store that El wanted to go in.

                        My phone went off with two messages Justin-You should let me drop Olivia off before I have to go to work I sigh Britton-Okay your lucky where friends I say as I saw I had a message from Niall. Niall- Kimberlee's birthday is 2 weeks away?, What day does she start day care? I laughed I thought it was cute that he really wanted to be there Britton-Yea her birthday is the 7th and she starts per-school the 5th.

                I put my phone in my pocket as we walked out of the store and into the children's place Mommy I like this Kimberlee said as she holds up a panda outfit I like this one two Mia says as she points at the Zebra I look at them as we pick out stuff for each of them and after a hour we left.

                olivia was going with her mom now because her mom was bitching about shit.


 I was confused I thought mommy liked daddy but now she ignores him well not really but it seems weird  is aid to Mia she nods yea I guess it's kind of weird but maybe it's because they already dated and now they like each other again I shrugged as I was eating candy we got home and Me and Mia went to our rooms.


Niall was leaving soon so they bought us tickets to go see there show the girls where ready  wearing black dresses and lace legging Mia had flats on and a head band but Kimberlee had black converse on and a bun and bow in her hair with her bangs out. and we arrived Niall pulled us back stage WHERE are we Kimberlee mumbled back stage Niall says well why I laugh slowly daddy has a show I say El was throwing candy at Mia and Kimberlee stop it Mia says I'm sorry El says as she picks Mia up I saw Paul now there she is Britton and El he says as he hugs us Do I know you Kimberlee says NO I'm Paul I'm friends with your mommy and daddy Kimberlee laughs yours two Mia they giggles I like you Mia says He smiles as Mia pokes his noes.

                Britton Harry says as he hugs me he takes Mia out of El's hands Paul don't you see Britton in Kimberlee he nods My name has two e's in it no Y she says he laughs I'll remember that as the guys went on stage Kimberlee was looking out where they went up on to the stage I saw Mia run there two um am I the only one scared for them to go up EL says I look at her slowly as Niall looked at Louis who stopped in the middle of the break they weren't singing  I think the next song was Don't forget where you belong  I think (srry I don't have any clue what a song would be so i'm  just doing one from M.M)  I saw the thing go up and the girls where giggling  as the music played Um there your kids El says.

                Liam started singing as the girls where up there  I don't think they know El says I look at her slow moment I say as the girls where laughing at them they started copping them dancing and stuff okay you know what is that I say slowly  as Liam tapped Harry in better than words and pointed to the girls who where copping them singing harry laughed slowly and tapped Niall showing the rest of the guys.


Your daddy is nasty Mia says at lest my daddy doesn't have a butterfly on his chest I say looking at her crossing my arms who said he did I look at her He did she shakes her head I give up she says throwing her hand sin the air jelly I say she shakes her head nope not at all she says well you should be My daddy isn't dating a troll though she says I glare at her as I uncross my arms I gave her the death look  she smiles um love you I shake my head I'm going to tell her to eat you I say pointing my finger at her and walk away from her My daddy holds out his hands as he picks me up Harry picks up Mia.

                Zayn took me as Daddy sang this is mommy's and daddy's song he says I look at him your lying he shakes his head I look at daddy who was dancing he can't dance I say we all now that he says he thought he was cute I say Zayn laughs he sure did. I smack my head and shake it disappointment I say Zayn laughs as we got put down this is sad Mia says I nod very they can't dance at all not even a little I say.

                Look at that I mumble Daddy stops and looks at me funny I smiled innocently this is pain I say Mia laughs   My daddy picks me up talking about me huh I nod you can't dance Daddy he laughs .

As I had to go to bed Daddy tucked me in as he kissed my head a hour later Mia walked in there talking to you mommy I look at her call her mommy I say she shrugged slowly uncle Niall should date her I nod I know I scream Kimberlee My mom say's Mia giggles as we go to the top of  my bunk bed as I herd them get up shh I say as they pass my room we need a plan I look at her just push one into another duhh I say she shakes her head.

                then they will fall in love look into each others eyes and  my door opens and there where Mommy El daddy and the rest of the guys Kiss I say I'm not kissing your dad what how did you know there talking about that Daddy says Yea I say she looks at me it's top secret plan I say.

                Talk about it later  bed now down now My mom says damn girl Daddy says as we get down who's lighter Mia mumbles I look at Mommy then daddy Mommy I mumble as Mia walks out she pushes my mom into daddy and they  he caught her Mia and I look at them as they look into each others eyes then my mommy looks down and they break apart What's plan B Mia says they came in to early we don't have one wait Mia says Kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss she chants Bed  El says You guys could have just kissed I said. Made it easier but No! I say Exactly we all know you want to Harry says as He picks up Mia.

                Plan C Mia says I cross my arms and I got one  as they left  I took out my walkie talkie   Mia I say what she mumbles    We can walk out and tell them to just kiss and put each other out of there miserly I say she laughs.

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