Forever Is A Lie

Britton is a 20 year old semi-directioner as her sister won a trip to play a game with one direction of 1D day as Britton got stuck picking her up she meets them and Falls for one He says He loves her Forever and Always.Forever is a lie you will say you love me until someone better comes and i'm yesterdays new Worthless to you she tells him. He smirks but even if you die I will love you you will stay in my mind forever because to me you are Perfect leaving a Imprint in my mind forever... Forever means until you die she says say slowly He laughs then I love you for Infinity


35. Surprise!


                We sat there I don't know if I really want to tell him I mean if he doesn't want to be a dad and Kimberlee knows she will jus be confused Parrie looks at me so don't tell her until you know what he's going to do with his life .I sigh El shrugs they have no clue I mean really there clueless if they new her birthday then they mite get it kind of parrie says I nod so what is it this makes it kind of easier  September,  7th Parrie smiles Holy crap she says I nod.

                So she was the same month as him I nod yea pretty much and if he doesn't get it after they find you then there retards right I nod  but you won't tell him right I make no promises  I look at her I have to she says  why I say because it's her dad and he doesn't know I mean he can still be in her life. I sigh and look down I don't know I mean not everyone has Happy ending I say slowly  she glares at me as a horn honks Got to go but I'll talk to you later about this I nod slowly.


                As we went home I smiled okay what's up Zayn says I know something I say he looks at me well he says I shrug slowly as the doorbell rang and Niall, Zoe, Liam, Sophia, Harry and Louis walk in why so happy Sophia says I know something I say witch is I know who Britton's daughters father is I say she nods don't know her but must be exciting I nod It is.
                Well I want to know she says even now I don't know her I look at her do I know the father I shrug do you she looks at me I do don't I I shrug I can't tell no one I say Zoe sits down Please please please she says I want to see her kid at lest Sophia says that's her and her I guess cousin Mia there so cute she looks at Niall she has pretty eyes I nod slowly aren't they pretty. So her father must have pretty eyes  I nod who's Mia's dad I shrug they thought it was this boy who killed his self but it's not so they don't know well I do but he doesn't ether.

                Who's daughter is she Zoe asked Faith's but she died in a car accident I say slowly that's so sad I feel bad for her I nod, I got a text

Britton- this is Kimberlee I want to know who my dad is now! Sophia laughs she wants to know to why doesn't her mom tell her because it's Britton Louis says  Parrie-Can't tell you sorry ask your aunt Aburie  so if her whole family knows then why hasn't someone tried to tell her dad.
                Maybe because Britton's dad walked out on her mom so her mom doesn't want it to happen to Kimberlee I want to know though Sophia says  if I tell you  I'll keep it a secret she says I whisper it in her ear her eyes light up and she laughed that's funny she says Wait I do know him I shake my head I do she says.

                Oh Btw people it's Niall I say  they all look at him I had to I say I think Britton mite be mad at you I look at Sophia not my fault he was right there so I had to tell him I say slowly.


Kimberlee where's my phone I say in my hand she says  as she was sitting in the living room what's a Niall mommy she says I look at her the one who asked you who your dad was at the store she looks at me so Niall's my dad she says who do you know that she hands me my phone

Niall-It would have been nice to know I had a daughter!!

        El runs down the stairs you got text from them two I nod  holy shit I say we sat down as I told Kimberlee to go play with Mia oh they found out who Mia's dad is I mumble who  El mumbles wait it couldn't be that's what I thought she said slowly well Mia was born earlier then she was supposed to be she was in ICU for 2 months after we took her home she had to go back so it would make sense if the baby's Harry's I say El nodded.

                Well that's the father she laughs as there was a knock at the door I got it Kimberlee says I El goes and gets it with her and  there was a party they guys came Parrie walked in 1st and sat down next to me As Mia ran in  I FIGURED IT OUT she says  what El says how and who my dad is Mia says I put her on my lap not now I say oh another secret Louis says I roll my eyes.

                Lets go outside and play El says leaving it to be just me and Niall in the room I sigh Really he says I nod really this isn't funny he says I'm not laughing You could have told me I would have  been there  he says I shrug Niall you leave every month of so I say he looks at me does she know I nod she saw the message before I did I mumble he looks down.

                        She is your daughter if you really want to be there for her then be there I say slowly he looks at me really I nod as much as I probably  don't want to believe it to be true she needs a father he smiles when?

                I shrug Its up to you I say slowly you can have her tomorrow I guess I have work anyway he smiles and nods this also means that you need to pay attention to her she's gets hurt easily like you he says I nod I guess she already broke her head open twice I say he looks at me she will make a giant mess and is always hungry I say me to he says Oh lord I say slowly as we go outside. Wait who's Mia's dad I laugh about that I say 

                El smiles Harry you want to be a dad he looks at me as I nod how is the ICU for 2 months  El says I wanted it to be Santa she says that would be rape Louis says El laughs  Mia where's Kimberlee I ask as I go to her she points to the tree I look up Hi she says how did you get up there I ask by climbing she says all by yourself she nods as I hold out my arms for her to jump she smiles as she climbs higher Kimberlee I say slowly

                I'm going to laugh when you fall and bust your head open Again Mia says I won't spider man hasn't so why would I because your human smart one Mia says It's called being awesome something you need schooling in. At least I can spell my name it's three letters mines like 100 I can spell half of it what's half  of 100 Mia says 10 Kimberlee screams making the guys laugh no it's 10 and a half smart one Mia says just climb the tree Zayn says I look at him she's not awesome enough Kimberlee says don't fall El mumbles I'm going to do a spider man move Kimberlee says 5 holy crap she's counting 4 I herd Kimberlee move down 3  one one one Mia screams as Kimberlee jumps out.

                into my arms I just wanted to be spider man she says she called her self a man Mia mumbled,


        The guys have left and I had to put the girls to bed but they where running around  in circles as my laptop went off El grabbed it and slide it over to her lap as she answered it Hey El The girls stopped who's that Mia says I herd Niall in the back round asking about food  I want food Mommy Kimberlee says I walk in the kitchen as I grab her hand and give her left overs from her dinner she ran and sat next to El.

        She's is not cute Mia says awe Niall your daughter and Harry's daughter are on the screen they tilt there head as Oreo  barks loudly El your putting them to bed I have work she smiles okay.


I herd Zoe call my name I walked in with her and saw harry talking to  Kimberlee and Mia I like candy but my mommy says it makes me hyper buts that a lie because I'm always hyper Kimberlee says  What are you eating then Louis asked macaroni and cheese she says smiling My mommy says where going to pre-school and then where there problem. problem I'm a blessing Mia says where's your mum now Parrie says slowly she went to her room maybe to talk to auntie Aburie or Janelle or Bentley or Justin or Uncle  Nathan wait what did you say Uncle Nathan Kimberlee says no before that Oh Justin I nod as I walk forward.

                He's mommy friend mommy says that's it but....... she says I look at her But what I say she looks at me Well he always makes mommy laugh when she's sad and apologizes allot I don't know what for but  allot and say you and mommy broke up for a reason and talk crap about allot people he said Santa's fake we all know he be getting coal for Christmas   Mia added.

                Mommy says he has a big mouth and talks bad about people that are really nice and we shouldn't pay attention to what he's saying because it's not true  and other stuff like that Kimberlee says as she eats her food. He wants to get punched in the face  El says all the time, 


I saw my mommy walk down stairs she takes my bowl and washes it Bed time in 5 min she says I look at her as I look for her phone witch I had just lost until it plays music I get it and unlock it witch is my name. Kimberlee Mia says as I type it in  say bye to who ever your talking to  as her phone goes off

                I don't care if he's your daughter's father he a dick I read Oooo kill em I say he talking crap mom he talking crap you better count I mumble I'll start 5 Kimberlee my mom says   tell him to stop talking crap before we jump him I say okay I'll tell him that she says I said bye to the people and my mom took up upstairs as Mia was asleep in her room my mommy walked in.

                Baby my mom says I look at her you know your dad is very sweet and a amazing person right I nod I think she laughs because what Justin says isn't true at all okay I nod she kissed my head and he loves you very much even if he just found out that your his daughter I nod slowly. she turns off my light love you she says Love you more I said slowly.


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