Forever Is A Lie

Britton is a 20 year old semi-directioner as her sister won a trip to play a game with one direction of 1D day as Britton got stuck picking her up she meets them and Falls for one He says He loves her Forever and Always.Forever is a lie you will say you love me until someone better comes and i'm yesterdays new Worthless to you she tells him. He smirks but even if you die I will love you you will stay in my mind forever because to me you are Perfect leaving a Imprint in my mind forever... Forever means until you die she says say slowly He laughs then I love you for Infinity


26. Reality hurts!


Guys this is the real world  and guys like him and girls like me are in dreams I mumble they shake there head as we begun practice,Danielle Paris and Erika ran out the door as it was break time.I sighed and sat down  He love you Isabelle said yea he LOVEEES you Carrie  screams i rolled my eyes you guys are annoying the shit out of me I say slowly.


we ran to Niall's room and pounded on the door as he swung it open eating a doughnut Hey he said slowly we walked in are you and my sister okay he nods yea why did you say anything to her he shakes his head Do anything about her he shook his head didn't get in a fight he shook his head.Then this makes no seance Erika says right i mumble what he said i looked at him,Well today Britton was crying Paris said and El says she thinks you don't love her I said he looked at us But i love her more then food and Life he said something about Guys like you and girls like her only belong in dreams and blah blah blah Paris said he sat down.How do I fix this talk to her dummy I said Rachel walks in Britton said Breaks over we walked back down stairs.


Niall walked in can I uh talk to you he says slowly I nod as he took my hand into the lobby what did I do he said as tears fill his eyes What do you mean I asked he sighed  to make you think I don't love you he said I froze who told you that I said your sister i looked down Niall you can have any girl in the world really so why you picked me is a question I said he looked at me because your the kinda girl I want a childish clumsy fun girl I take that then a fake cheap slut he says he pulled my close I love you Britton he says.

                I'll say it A million times if that what it takes to make you believe me he said slowly I shook my head as tear came out he pulled me to his chest and kissed my forehead I just don't wanna loose you he said i hugged him back as he kissed my cheek I love you to I mumble  your beautiful he says no matter what they say I will always think so he says i blush as he kissed me.    I'm not pretty when I'm sick i said he laughed i bet you are he says I shake my head  or when I'm tired and sleeping  he shakes his head all the time he mumble i looked at him or when I'm crying he smiles sexy you would have thought I said he shakes his head I know.

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