Forever Is A Lie

Britton is a 20 year old semi-directioner as her sister won a trip to play a game with one direction of 1D day as Britton got stuck picking her up she meets them and Falls for one He says He loves her Forever and Always.Forever is a lie you will say you love me until someone better comes and i'm yesterdays new Worthless to you she tells him. He smirks but even if you die I will love you you will stay in my mind forever because to me you are Perfect leaving a Imprint in my mind forever... Forever means until you die she says say slowly He laughs then I love you for Infinity


21. Is Britall back?


Niall-Don't think it's possible love...

I blushed as I walk down stairs Yep he's texting Britton El mumbled i looked at her she made a hart Britall she says I give her the finger she rolls her eyes.  Honestly I wanted to see Niall but not right now i sat in the kitchen a my phone goes off.
Niall- um Britton can we meet some place to uh talk.I giggled a bit
Britton-lol sure wear?? Niall-Uh I can pick you up he mumbles same place as last time right. 
Britton-Yep..I was putting a spoon in the sink as the door bell ran i opened it and saw Niall he was looking down we just went in the back yard.So hows life i say he laughs  only you britton i smiled so um can we attest be friends he said Of course i mumble he looked at me with teary eyes as I smiled whats wrong Niall i asked as i held his hand he shook his head  Nothing just soaking  in the moment. he put his arm around me as i hugged him. I looked down at our feet

 So um are you coming to tomorrows concert i shrug if you want me to he smiled so I guess your going i laughed guess I am i said slowly you changed your braces color he said i smiled and nodded i just can't wait until they come  off i said you look cute with braces it matches you he said i blush thank Niall.

                No problem he said oh You can dance i seen the video Parrie posted He said why ya quit i shrug I have this thing when i never feel good enough so i quit instead of being serous about it.He nods well your very good you should have keep going i smiled well Parrie and El re trying to make me dance again.

                you should listen to them he says i nod nice hat he laughs thanks  It's nice wear ya get it he shakes his head New York city i smile that's wear I was born i said he laughed really wear Brooklyn that's why you have a strong accent i nod Its weird and stupid I mumble he shakes his head It's cute he mumbled I look at him it' annoying he shrugs I think it's cute better than mine i shake my head now your lying he laughs okay what ever you say Britton I smile I always win yea okay he says slowly. I do i'm a winner i say it because I'm awesome he laughs whatever you say love.

As we got up he aid he should leave i walked him to his car thanks for uh coming i mumble he nods slowly it was fun I hugged him I felt his arms around me as we pulled apart I looked into his eyes  and then looked down he kissed my cheek then let o of me and i turned around and went inside. Parrie was watching as I opened my door Hey Love bird Faith says so whats up with you and Niall El says as she flicked through the Television um where friend i aid more like friends with Befits Faith says i roll my eye.

~Next day

BRITTON BRITTON BRITTON BRIT- what the hell you want i scream and Harry and Liam where jumping on my bed i push them off and they drag me out of bed i was still in my pajamas you didn't wanna see us Eh love Harry says as they hug  me i roll my eye's and push them off of me. as we walk down stairs I didn't have my glasses on missing something Faith says and puts them on my face i look at her  you look lost when you can't see she says.I walked into the kitchen oh your dad called he want you to meet his girlfriend Baylee i sigh why she shrugs .

                Britton El says as her and the other boys walk in what I say slowly 2 things 1 Bentley called you and 2  What up Parrie says i roll my eyes  i grab my phone and walk upstairs to take a shower and get dressed As i  brushed my hair Niall walked in you uh left your phone down stairs he mumbled you can put it any wear i mumble he puts in next to me thanks I mumble he nods slowly as he messes up my hair really I said he nods as i put the bow in and we walk down stairs.We should do  something Parrie said we can go shopping Faith mumbled i wine as we deiced to go shopping.

                the girls and the boys split up we where sitting in a store well I was and there where trying on Heels you see I hate heels and i always will I love flats and sneakers though.I aw the boys walk in well Niall and Liam hey Britton Niall said i smiled where is everyone i point to the dressing room there trying on clothes with there shoes I mumble.How come your not Liam asked I don't do heels and I hate trying stuff on I mumble he laughs your jut a hateful person Niall says i smile yep that's me.

~At the concert~

The concert was about to start and we where back stage Britton tell Niall we have 5 min Harry said i got up and knocked on Niall's door come in he said I opened the door and he was on his phone Oh uh Hi he said You have 5 min I said thanks Love he said as he put his hat back on I looked at him what he says i pull the hat off his head there I mumble he fixes his hair  can I have my hat.I shake my head he got up  and chased me he took it from me.Okay fine I give up I say as he had me in a corner he laughed and took it.

Your so mean I said he shakes his head I'm not the Hateful one here I roll my eyes now you have  like 3 Niall I said as I walked out and sat back down. he came out and they had to do the show. I seen 2 people show up Hi El Pierre they smile Oh Britt this is Niall's parents Maura and Bobby    guys this is Britton his mom  hugs me he was right you are pretty i blush as I shook his dad hands.Well where defiantly on El's side about getting you two back together His dad says i laugh.

By they way he talks about you you seem perfect for him Oh thanks I said slowly.You have  gorges eyes my dear his mom said your so  pretty she exclaimed   I blushed as the concert was over Oh Hi mum dad Niall said you where right Niall she's so pretty his mom said as they went to his dressing room. can we go I wine yea one sec El and Pierre say bye guys Niall's parents say oh and Niall wants to talk to you Britton I nod as I walk in Sorry about my parents I laugh oh no It's fine.

                No really they can be embarrassing i laugh mine more then yours but whatever he smiles as he puts his hat back on really I say he nods I love this hat i laughed that's nice Niall I said he rolls his eyes don't hate me cuz I'm beautiful he says wan't gonna i say he rolls his eyes as he hugs me whats that for he smiles for being a good friend i smiled as he poked my dimples i laughed he lifted my head up and kissed me I felt his arms on my waist.

Um erm Uh sorry he says as we pull away i smile as I kiss his cheek It's okay he laughs as he dose it again as we pull away he was smiling  come on Britton El says i have to um go I said he nodded as i left his grip and left on the way tot he car I looked at Pierre and El guys Britall is happening they smile Finally.

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