Forever Is A Lie

Britton is a 20 year old semi-directioner as her sister won a trip to play a game with one direction of 1D day as Britton got stuck picking her up she meets them and Falls for one He says He loves her Forever and Always.Forever is a lie you will say you love me until someone better comes and i'm yesterdays new Worthless to you she tells him. He smirks but even if you die I will love you you will stay in my mind forever because to me you are Perfect leaving a Imprint in my mind forever... Forever means until you die she says say slowly He laughs then I love you for Infinity


39. Do is miss him?


                I woke up and I new the guys where gone and I felt something I hadn't for a long time like I had to talk to them or at lest Niall like I miss him more then I ever though of missing him like I'm missing something it was weird  I got up and herd Kimberlee giggle as I looked in the mirror I pulled my hair back into a pony tail.

                        I grabbed my phone and walked into the living room and there they where Kimberlee and Mia eating a hot pocket on the couch with my computer on there laps talking to there dad's. I walked into the kitchen as Oreo started barking I fed him and then saw El walk in I looked at her slowly you feel it to right I look at her like something missing she nods slowly I didn't think I would feel like this again I say she shrugs I guess your just getting over him the hard way I look at her it's been 3 years I didn't have a problem when he wasn't in my life but now he walks back in I don't care if he's in Kim's but does he have to be in mine.

                El laughs I guess he does as you being her mom so sorry Britt she says I sigh as I put my head down sitting at the table, you'll be alright Britt she says as she walked out of the room. As I looked up I saw Mia I smiled as I hugged her she giggled what's up Mia I say she hugs me do you miss Niall I nod a little bit why I say then why don't you get back with him she asked well you see for two people to date  they both have to love each other and me and Niall don't both love each other so we can't date she nods and runs out and then I new this was going to lead to a plan a plan that was going to include me getting with Niall.


                After my mommy was done talking I stopped recording it we had both of the recordings Mia showed my mom as I had to show my dad I called him on Skype and waited Hey Kim he says I smile what he says shakily I laugh remember when you said two people have to like each other for one to date he looks up and nods Mommy said the same thing exactly that means she likes you to she even said that he laughs that doesn't mean she wants to date me he says and I have Zoe he says as he puts his hand through his hair.

                I let out a big huffy breath but Daddy I say slowly you have to  get back together so you don't miss each other when you are not together and so you don't want mommy in your arms or scared that Justin's going to take her away from you I say he looks at me and sighs I made mistakes and I don't need to make any more sure I love your mom but that doesn't mean I can make us get back together Mia runs in and pushes play as I here my mom's voice.

"sure I mean I could never stop loving Niall just like I could never hate him I guess but love doesn't go both ways Mia and it's a pain in the butt when it does but I guess if the person worth it then it's all good and you will get back together no madder how many mistakes the other person made and you will always have a place for them in there heart." 

                My dad sighs I understand you think just because me and your mom both love each other where getting back together but it think it's something me and your mom have to talk about it I sigh as my eyes start to get sad and I cross my arms and pout as I stomp away I here Mia say bye as I shut my door and sit down in front of it.


I herd Kimberlee's door shut I get up and knock on the door as I open it I saw her laying in her bed what's wrong baby I say as I run my finger through her curly hair I seen that she's been crying but I have no clue why Mommy she says why can't you and daddy have a fairy tale ending if you both love each other and love each other for forever I sigh well because Forever is a lie   she looks at me as I nod Forever is until the next thing comes and it's better Infinity means you will never forget the person your love is almost Immortal meaning it's not human it never dies.

                then why can't it be like that she says I shrug not every one has Happy ending she pouts well you should have one I laugh well everyone wants one and some people don't have them but guess what I say she looks at me I already have a happy ending I have you and Mia and El and every one else who loves us so where good she nods including daddy I laugh yep even Niall.

She ran off as my phone rang is Kimberlee okay Niall says Yea she's fine just being her I say there attempt wasn't that bad he says I laugh to bad I new what was going on after they recorded  me I say he laughs  I guess if they are going to do you have to do it like a 3 year old he says I laugh.

                but did you mean what you say I bite my lip Niall do you think I would lie to them about that he sighs no not really but it's just I feel the same way he says  I got quiet I feel like I'm missing something he says I nod slowly so um maybe we could talk about his next time I come home or if i'm in America when you are Um yea sure I'm going to see my dad in a few weeks actually I say I herd him smile okay so I'll be in New York around then almost there so maybe he says I nod yea I herd a  bang  MOMMY I have to go I'll call you back I say I ran in the kitchen and say Kimberlee on the floor with a broken cookie glass across of it.

         It was on top of the fridge so how did you get it  I ask she looks at me I jumped from the island tot he counter or tried to then Mia through something and I fell and so did the cookie jar I saw Mia eating them I pic up the cookies and they take them and run El laughed I got a video and picture she out it on Instagram Facebook and twitter and sent = the video to the guys I shake my head your insane I say I told them not to fall she says .

                I picked up the glass and threw it away I went to see if the girls where okay and I herd a bam MOMMY I saw Mia on the floor this time  they where on the top bunk playing the x-box witch I put in her room so no one else had to listen to her I help Mia back up careful I say one more time and your going to go doo erring with me they wine only one Kimberlee says I nod only one she pout want to do it know I say she shakes her head   okay then I say as I see there playing a singing game I shut her door and sit down it was a pattern bam what MOMMY El says I shake my head.


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