Forever Is A Lie

Britton is a 20 year old semi-directioner as her sister won a trip to play a game with one direction of 1D day as Britton got stuck picking her up she meets them and Falls for one He says He loves her Forever and Always.Forever is a lie you will say you love me until someone better comes and i'm yesterdays new Worthless to you she tells him. He smirks but even if you die I will love you you will stay in my mind forever because to me you are Perfect leaving a Imprint in my mind forever... Forever means until you die she says say slowly He laughs then I love you for Infinity


33. A/n

 HEYYY~ sad time Faith had died it's 3 years later Britton had a daughter named Kimberlee with Niall but they broke up before he new he now with Zoe W. and El and Louis broke up so they lost touch with the guys Kimberlee is 3 almost 4 years old and Britton took in Mia who is the same age.They also lost touch with Pierre Levi is dead he died the same day as Faith Britton lives with El who helps her take care of the girls If your wondering why El and Lou broke up it's because she felt like he was never going to marry her and she couldn't wait anymore  so that pretty much all you missed..............................

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