What if....

What if the Whinchesters payed a visit to the Salvatore brothers.... Will there be blood shed.... Or will something surprising happen?

It's a normal day for the Winchesters when out of nowhere there is a blinding white light and next thing they know they are transported to a different world... The home of the Salvatore Brothers.


6. Who is this Klaus person?

Dean's POV


I narrowed my eye at Klaus. How did he know so much about this? Was he some kind of Angel in disguise? Nah, Damon seemed to know him well. I snapped out of my thoughts when Damon started talking again "No, what matters is finding out how you know so much about this!" He took a step forward angrily. Klaus sighed and rolled his eyes "Not now Damon..." He turned to look at us "Again, what universe did you come from?" I glanced at Sam confused and so did he "Uhh..." Sam stuttered not knowing what to say "The one with the demons?" I said questioningly looking at Sam who just shrugged. "I need more information than that!" Klaus said annoyed. I thought for a second and said the only thing that came to mind "The one where the vampires have a row of teeth" Klaus' eyes widened "You two come from that world?" He said a little frightened. I furrowed my brows and glanced at Sam uneasy "What do you mean? You say it like it's a bad thing"


Klaus shakes his head "Oh, uhh no, no it's not hehe" He chuckled nervously. I stared at him for a couple of seconds longer before Stefan cleared his throat "So, does that mean you can help them Klaus?" Klaus nodded and turned around heading for the door 'Yes, I'll be back, wait for me here Sam and Dean" He closed the door and he was gone. We turned around to face everyone behind us "So, what do you guys wanna do?" asked Caroline cheerfully. "We uhh..." I glanced at Sam clueless. He just shrugged, I sighed and looked back at Caroline "We... just need some rest that's all." Caroline nodded and glanced at Damon "Is it cool if they stay here?" before Damon could answer, Sam piped up "Actually we thought we could stay at a motel...? Are there any motels nearby?" They stayed quiet for a minute, then Stefan finally said something "Uhh, yeah actually there is... But are you sure you don't want to stay here? We have a couple of spare rooms here for you?" Sam and I glanced at each other and shook our heads "No that's fine we'll just stay at the motel, thanks." We smiled at them then turned around and headed for the door.


"Uhh... don't you want me to drive you there? Since you know.... You guys don't have a car?" We heard Damon call out to us just as we were about to open the door. "Damn..." I cursed to myself as we turned back around "Oh, yeah I forgot" said Sam embarrassed. We waited for Damon to get his car keys then went out and hopped into his car and drove off. "Do you really think Klaus can help us?" I asked from the back seat. I still don't understand how I ended up in the back seat, but I'm not whining since it isn't my car. Damon shook his head "To be honest... I don't know at times you can trust Klaus that he'll help you, but at other times might as well kill him cause he isn't going to help with shit!" I quietly chuckled "Is he really that bad?" Damon laughed "He stabbed his own siblings in the back, just so that they didn't leave him!" My eyes widened wow... yeah that does sound bad, but we've dealt with things way worse than that... like Crowley I thought to myself as we drove through town.


After a while of driving we finally pulled up to a motel. Sam and I climbed out and thanked Damon for the ride "I'll go get us a room, you see if you can... I don't know pray to Castiel." I gave him a weird look "What makes you think Cas will hear me from here?" I saw him shake his head "Just try ok?!" he said annoyed. I rolled my eyes and went to go stand by a vending machine while Sam went to go get us a room. I leaned against the machine and put my hands together "Umm... ok I pray to Castiel that if somehow he hears me that, Cas... we are in trouble... I don't know how but we are in another world at a trashy motel don't ask how just come help us... Please" I look around for anybody in a trench coat but see nothing. I sigh disappointed "Of course!" I mumble to myself angrily. "Hey, got the rooms... you ok?" Sam asked as he walked up to me holding the keys "Uhh yeah, yeah peachy" I grabbed my the key then walked up to the room door and unlocking it walking in.


Sam's POV

I walked into the room behind Dean and sat down on the bed. So far this has been an adventure and to be honest I'm pretty tired out. I laid down and stared at the ceiling feeling my eyelids get heavy. I start to close my eyes and feel myself doze off when all of the sudden Dean started talking "What are we going to do Sammy if Klaus can't help us?" I mentally sigh and sit up "What do you mean? Don't you trust that he will?" Dean silently shook his head "I don't know I mean you heard what Damon said about him!" I rolled my eyes "Now you decide to listen to other people's advice?!" I say half jokingly.


Dean glares at me and I stand up from the bed "What?! You know its true! Always going around like you know everything and never listen to the advice people give you!" Dean also stands up from the chair he was sitting on "This isn't about that Sammy! It's about the things that are in front of us right now! Like, how are we going to get home if Klaus decides not to help us?! Or the fact that Castiel probably can't hear me here!" I then remembered what I thought I saw on the highway... A man walking out of the woods in a trench coat. Should I tell Dean? Or was I just imagining things? I don't want to falsely bring up his hopes.


Dean waved his hand in front of my face "Hello? Earth to Sammy?" I snapped out of my daze and looked at him "Huh?" He looked at me partially concerned "You were gone there for a second" I gave him quick smile and nodded "Uhh yeah, yeah I'm fine." I cleared my throat and sat back down on the bed "Dean, I need to tell you something and you probably won't believe me" He looked at me with full concern now "What is it Sammy? You know I will believe you no matter how crazy" I took a deep breath and closed my eyes "I think that Ca-" I got cut off when the door burst open. I opened my eyes and looked at the door angrily I thought it was house keeping. They couldn't just barge in like this! However who I saw standing at that doorway made me speechless. This couldn't be real... I had to be dreaming, but Dean saw him too. I couldn't say anything my mouth went dry right when I saw who it was, but Dean took the words right out of my mouth as he said them with confusion.






~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Author's Note~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Ooooo cliffhanger! Hehe I hope you guys liked it! Next chapter will be posted next week on Wednesday also! Well I will try haha XD but yeah leave comments on how I can improve the story! Thanks for reading and until next time!










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