What if....

What if the Whinchesters payed a visit to the Salvatore brothers.... Will there be blood shed.... Or will something surprising happen?

It's a normal day for the Winchesters when out of nowhere there is a blinding white light and next thing they know they are transported to a different world... The home of the Salvatore Brothers.


2. Who are you no, what are you?

Dean's POV

"So we're in another state?" I ask Sam as we kept walking around Mystic Falls. He nods and turns a corner but stumbles back as someone bumps into him "Woah! You ok Sammy?" I ask concerned as he straightens up. "Yeah...." He mumbles as he turns and looks at the stranger that bumped into him, a tall man with black short hair and light blue eyes. The stranger slightly narrowed his eyes "You two aren't from around here are you?" He asks slowly. I looked at Sam confused and turned to the stranger "How do you know?" I ask suspiciously. The stranger slightly rolls his eyes "I know everyone in this town, and I have never seen you two here before"

We both nodded our heads understanding and I open my mouth to say something, but Sam takes a slight step forward and interrupts me "Yeah, my name is Sam and this is my brother Dean, our car broke down a couple miles out and uhh we came here to look for a mechanic." The stranger's eyes seemed to lit up with mischief/curiosity as he nods "I can show you where the mechanic is located.... Or I can take a look at it for free?" Me and Sam looked at each other uncertain, then Sam nodded and looked back at the stranger "I guess you can take a look at it...."

We started to lead the stranger out of town I got close to Sam "Where exactly are we going?! We don't have a car! Unless the Impala somehow got transported here too" I whisper to Sam annoyed. He looked at me confidently "Don't worry Dean.... I got this" he continues to walk into the woods and I reluctantly follow behind. I glanced behind me to make sure the stranger was still following and I yelled out in surprise as he tackled me to the ground I kept the stranger up and away from my neck as I saw his vampire like fangs trying to reach my neck "Sam! The dead mans blood hurry!"

Sam's POV

I quickly turned around at Dean's shout, and saw the stranger trying to bite Dean's neck. I quickly reached into my pocket and took out a vile of Dead Mans blood and quickly ran up and injected it into the strangers neck. The stranger stopped trying to attack Dean and turns around and faces me, I notice a few things that are different from the normal vampires we have hunted, like for instance he had two fangs instead of a whole row of teeth and also he had strange black lines under his eyes.

The stranger looked at me confused "What was that for?" He asks almost annoyed. I took a step back "H-How did that not affect you....?" He laughs and raises an eyebrow "Was that supposed to affect me somehow?!" I nod my head "Th-That's dead mans blood, it's supposed to be like poison to you!" I hear Dean groan and I glance behind the stranger to see him stand up and lean against a tree "Well then, what are you?!"

The stranger glanced back and rolled his eyes "I thought that was obvious!" The stranger gets the strange black lines under his eyes again and opens his mouth showing his fangs and points at them "I'm a vampire." I see Dean roll his eyes "No duh! But what kind of vampire are you.... You're somehow different from the other kind." The stranger looked back confused "What do you mean? There's only one kind of vampire out there.... Isn't there?" I look at Dean uncertain "Well that's what we thought too.... Until we saw you.." Dean quickly walks over to me and pulls me by the arm then looks back at the stranger "Give us a moment"

I follow Dean and look at him confused "I don't understand...." He nods "Me neither, but I may have an idea.... Remember that white light?" I nodded "Well maybe I don't know... It brought us to a different world or something" I give him a confused look "You mean like a different universe?" He nods "Yeah something like that" I look back at the stranger "Well, if we are in a different universe the question is... How do we get back?"

~~~~~~~~~ Authors note! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Thanks for reading everybody I am so so so so sorry for not updating for a long time. I just thought when I got back to school I wouldn't be very busy.... But boy was I wrong!! I will try to update more often

Thanks again for reading hoped you enjoyed it and so sorry it was short I just needed to finish this chapter already


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