What if....

What if the Whinchesters payed a visit to the Salvatore brothers.... Will there be blood shed.... Or will something surprising happen?

It's a normal day for the Winchesters when out of nowhere there is a blinding white light and next thing they know they are transported to a different world... The home of the Salvatore Brothers.


5. They think we're crazy... Typical

Damon's POV


I continue to drive out of the forest, I couldn't shake the thing these brothers said to me. That they were from another world I feel like I should know how to handle this but I don't. We are currently on our way to ask everyone I know if they have ever heard of such a thing. I then remember the taller one asking for my name and me never giving it to him. I think it was time I told him....


I glance at the brother named Sam in the passenger seat. He was staring out the window looking like he's lost in thought I cleared my throat and from the corner of my eye see him look at me. I look at him "My name is Damon.... Damon Salvator" I say proudly. Sam slowly starts to smile and nods "Nice to meet you Damon." I nod and continue looking at the road I see the road turn up ahead into the main highway. Suddenly an idea starts to form in my head and I smirk tightening my grip on the steering wheel.


"Hold on tight!" I say loudly as I press my foot down more on the gas pedal. I feel the car speed up then at the last second before the road turns on to the highway I press my foot down on the brake and turn the wheel so that we drift to the side and on to the highway then I remove my foot and slam it on the gas pedal making the car fly over the empty road. I laugh and glance over at Sam to see a scared expression on his face and both hands on the dashboard I smirk and take a look at Dean in the rear view mirror. Before I could see his expression I hear a loud yell and see both his hands go in the air "Wooo! That was awesome!"


I smirk, maybe this guy wasn't so bad after all. I hear Sam clear his throat and I glance at him "What the hell was that!?" He ask raising his voice. I shrug "I guess to show you I'm the fun brother before you meet the boring brother." I hear Dean laugh "Awww, C'mon lighten up Sammy!" He reaches forward and pats him on the shoulder, but Sam slightly leans forward "Whatever...." I hear him whisper before looking out the window again. I glance at Dean in the rear view mirror and he returns the confused look I had on my face. I return my eyes to the road and slow down the car a little realizing I'm almost hitting 100.


Sam's POV

I continue to stare out the window as we drive down the highway. Suddenly, I see someone emerging from the edge of the woods we went by so fast they just appeared a blur, but I was pretty sure I saw a trench coat. I quickly looked in the side mirror to see if I could see the man walk out of the woods, but I didn't see anything. It could've just been my imagination, but what if I really saw him.... what if somehow Cas was also able to zap himself here. Then that means it was the angels who zapped us here! I was about to turn around to talk to Dean when all of a sudden we came to a big house, I stared in awe it was like an old mansion.


Damon drove up to the house then parked the car and got out. Dean and I did the same and I continued to stare it was such a big house, I noticed a few other cars parked outside and wondered if these were the people Damon texted. I glanced at Dean and he had the same awed expression, I chuckled and started to follow Damon as he walked to the front door. When we stepped inside it was just as amazing as the outside everything was antique looking, I glanced at Dean and saw he wasn't that interested. Of course, I was the nerd out of the two of us.


I also saw a couple of people in the living room area. Damon walked forward and greeted all of them, then said something about us. Everyone turned to look at us and gave us weird or crazy looks. Typical... I glanced at Dean and saw he was checking the girls out I sighed and elbowed him in the ribs. He glared at me but I ignored him. "Hello, I'm Sam and this is my brother Dean!" Dean just rolled his eyes and sighed. Then everyone walked up to us and started to introduce themselves.


"Hi, I'm Elena" said a girl with brown hair and brown eyes. We nodded "I'm Caroline" said another girl with blond hair and blue eyes. "Hey, I'm Stefan" said a man holding out his hand for us to shake. I smiled and shook it then he moved his hand towards Dean. Dean just nodded "Nice to meet you..." He said bluntly. I rolled my eyes then glanced at the next person. "Hi, I'm Bonnie" she smiled then looked at the guy next to her "I'm Jeremy... It's nice to meet you" he said with a smile. Then a guy with blond hair and blue eyes that seemed like they have seen a lot throughout his life. "Matt..." He said then smiled.


Damon looked around almost annoyed "Where's Kl..." He got cut off when the door burst open and in walked a man with almost blond hair and blue eyes. "What did you people want?" He said in an annoyed British accent. He looked around at everyone before his eyes fell on us "Who are they?" He asked almost curious. "I'm Sam... This is my brother Dean" I gestured to Dean who just nodded a hello. "Oh... Are you new in town?" His British accent making it kinda hard to understand him. We looked at each other "Not exactly..." Damon stepped forward and crossed his arms "They claim to be from another world."


Klaus' face showed no emotion, he just stared out into nothing as if lost in thought. I glanced at Damon, who just stood there staring at him waiting for him to say something as if he did this a lot. I was about to say something when Klaus spoke up "Another world you say...?" We nodded. "The witch did say something like this would happen" He whispered to himself probably not meaning for us to hear. He then looked up and walked down the small steps that connected the front door area with the living room area "Which universe did you come from?" He asked calmly. I looked at him weirdly "What do you mean which universe?" I asked confused.


He looked at me as if it was obvious and I was an idiot "You do know there are multiple universes out there? Not just our own?" Damon stepped forward "How do you know so much about this?" He asks suspiciously. Klaus rolled his eyes "It doesn't matter how I know about this, all that matters is getting these brothers back from where they came from!"




~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Author's Note!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Thanks so much for the 108 reads!! I love you guys so much and as promised here's the next chapter.... however I still have 3 favorites! What happened to the 5? But whatever as long as y'all are reading XD again thanks for reading I really hope you guys like it so far! so yeah again thanks and I hope you enjoy!










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