What if....

What if the Whinchesters payed a visit to the Salvatore brothers.... Will there be blood shed.... Or will something surprising happen?

It's a normal day for the Winchesters when out of nowhere there is a blinding white light and next thing they know they are transported to a different world... The home of the Salvatore Brothers.


7. Castiel?!

Dean's POV


   There standing at the doorway was a torn and beaten Castiel. And before I could stop myself the words just came out of my mouth "Cas?" I couldn't believe my eyes I thought Cas couldn't hear me from here? I glance at Sam and see a surprised expression on his face, but not as surprised as mine. I slightly tilt my head, but look back at Cas 'What are you doing here?!" I ask confused and walk forward to help him come in and sit down on the bed.He sighs as he sits down and looks up at me then Sam.

   "I'm here to tell you why you two are here." He leans forward and opens his mouth, but I cut in.

   "That's not important right now. What's important is getting you cleaned up and rested." I start to walk towards the bathroom but Cas stops me.

   "I can heal myself Dean... So just sit down and listen for now." I look back and nod sitting back down into the chair across from the bed.

   "So? How did we get here?" Sam asks curously leaning forward waiting for the answer. Cas sits more upright and clears his throat.

   "It's one of Gabriel's tricks..." My eyes slightly widen.

   "You mean this is one of the Tricksters tricks?!"

   Cas gets a confused look on his face and nods "I believe I just said that, yes."

   Rolling my eyes I continue asking questions. "But why would Gabriel do this to us? I mean it's not like we went into his backyard and stomped on his rose garden!" This was just plain stupid. What would make the Trickster teleport us into some kind of other dimension kind of thing. Unless, he didn't have a reason and he's just being a dick by playing with us like we are some kind of playing dolls. Letting out a heavy breath I continue to think to myself and zone out the rest of the conversation. For whatever reason we're here I'll get to the bottom of it and get us back home.


Couple of hours later

   Packing the last of the dead mans blood into my duffel bag, I zipped it up and flung It over my shoulder, making my way over to the door of the motel. As I reach out to turn the door knop a voice behind me made me slightly jump and turn around.

   "Where do you think you're going?" Sounded Sam's judgy voice behind me.

   Sighing I turned to look at him not letting go of the knop "Out, that ok?" I said a bit sarcastic. Like I needed permission to step out of the motel.

   "Mmmhmm? You mean go pay those Salvatore brothers a visit." He said while walking forward and taking my bag and throwing it on the bed. Unzipping it, he looked inside rummaging through it for a while before sighing and looking up at me.

   "What?! I needed protection! You never know when those vile vampires will attack!" I yelled out defending myself. No way was I going into a house of vampires without some kind of protection on me.

   "Yeah, well these vile vampires are trying to help us get the hell out of here! And dead mans blood doesn't work on them Dean! Weren't you paying attention in woods?!"

   Tilting my head back I got a replay of what happened in the woods. How Sam injected Damon with the dead mans blood and he just shrugged it off like we injected him with water or something. Which I have no idea how it was possible, dead mans blood is suppose to be like poison to vampires and make them weaker. Which that didn't obviously happen when Damon had me in a death grip earlier. Snapping back into reality I looked over at Sam who was still waiting on an explanation on why I was leaving the motel. Rubbing the back of my head I looked down at the ground.

   "I just wanted to talk to them, that's all." I shrugged my shoulders. It was true I just wanted to have a little chat with them, just you know with a bag full of weapons by my side.

   "They are suppose to be our friends Dean!" Sam groaned face palming himself "Not another hunt for us. You can't walk into their house with all these weapons by your side."

   Walking past him I picked up my bag and flung it over my shoulder. "I can and I will." Pushing past Sam I made my way towards the hotel door once again reaching out to open it.

   "Fine I'm coming with you then."

   "Woah, woah, woah." I turned around to face Sam who was picking up his jacket "No you are not. I'm doing this alone. You can stay here and do some research." I swung open the door and walked out.

   "Research what?" I heard Sam's questioning voice behind me as I walked out of the motel and towards the street corner.

  "I don't know! Research how this world views vampires." I shrugged turning around briefly to give him my 'go away look'. Continuing to walk down the street I made my way towards the Grill. Continuing on my way I soon arrived and went to go in when a voice behind me made me jump.

   "I thought you were going to the Salvatore home?" Sam came up next to me and checked the outside of the Grill.

   "Jesus Christ Sammy!" I turned to glare at him, I don't like being scared and Sam knows that, but he's still popping up behind me when I'm least expecting it. "Don't do that! I thought I told you to do some research?!" Sam just shrugged and started to walk into the bar.

   "I can do that later, and besides I'm not going to leave you here by yourself to do some stupid thing that might get you killed." Rolling my eyes I followed Sam into the Grill. This Is where I, and now Sam, am meeting Klaus to help us figure out a way to get 'home'.

   "Why are we here? Are you meeting someone or something?" Asked Sam as he started to look around the Grill as if searching for the mystery stranger. Sighing I walked forward to the bar and sat down on a stool setting my duffel bag on the ground beside the stool, with Sam following close behind. Looking up at the bartender I was about to order my drink when I felt a presence loom behind me.

   "Hey, buddy mind taking a few steps back?" I said annoyed turning to the side to see my 'friend' who was standing too close for comfort.

   "Sorry, didn't mean to invade your bubble." The familiar British accent stated firmly not removing his presence from behind me.

  "Klaus?" Looking up at the blonde man I slightly chuckled "Sorry, I thought you were some chump who didn't know what personal space was."

   Klaus narrowed his eyes at me. Opening his mouth he was about to respond to my statement when a voice interrupted him. Turning we watched as Damon walked over.

   "You just described Klaus perfectly." He stopped next to me on the bar with a smirk on his face "Always a little too close for comfort." He raised his eyebrows on the word 'comfort'. Which made me just a tad bit confused on what he meant. Opening my mouth I was about to ask what he meant when Klaus spoke up.

   "What are you doing here Damon?" his accent mixed with annoyance now.

   "Oh, you know just keeping an eye on my favorite original." Damon responded with, obviously, a fake smile on his lips "Don't want you causing trouble now do we?"

   Shifting a bit uncomfortable, it was obvious these two have had some bad history in the past, I glanced at Sam for a hint on what to do. Shaking his head at me it meant he didn't know what to do as well. As their feud became more heated I decided to step in. Clearing my throat I jumped off my stool and walked between the two preventing any more words to be exchanged.

   "C'mon you two, save your cat fight for later. Right now we have bigger problems at hand." Giving Damon one more glare Klaus turned his attention to me.

   "You're right, I apologize." taking a piece of folded paper out from his back pocket, Klaus unfolded it and stared at it for a while before handing it to me "This is the phone number of my brother, Elijah. He knows more than I do, and I'm pretty sure he can help you out more than I can." Pointing at the paper he continued "Just tell him I sent you and he'll know what you are calling about." Nodding my head I placed the paper in my jacket pocket and looked up at Klaus.

   "Thanks, for helping us out. I appreciate it." giving him a slight smile I hold out my hand for Klaus to shake. Ignoring my hand Klaus turns to leave heading for the door. However, before getting too far he turns around to look at us one more time.

   "I would be careful out there if I were you. A couple of powerful vampires know you two have arrived and where you're from, and will do anything in their power to either capture you... or kill you." Smiling as though he didn't just say that he turns to leave "Take care you two, may we meet again." and then he was gone. Standing there a bit stunned I turn to look at Sam, who was just as shocked as me.

   "What the hell just happened?"



HELLO!! I am back!... again. Wow I cannot keep my promises huh? Well, lately I've been having crappy days and when I do I come on here and type! So, I guess if it wasn't for my bad days this chapter wouldn't exist! XD haha but so many people have read this im happy! now if we can favorite maybe? Anyway sorry for not updating, but that will change from now on! So don't worry more updates are to come!






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