First Introductions

A girl bumps into a man and from a series of events, ends up meeting the vamps for the first time and there friendship grows in unexpected ways.


8. 9:30pm



"Thank you"

"No problem" Tristan says tucking Liza in her bed.

"Our pleasure" Brad's smile makes me blush. He takes a step closer, "Do you want to...."

"Go get some food. I'de love to" Tristan interjects rapping his arms around our necks.

We start to walk to the door. "Oh wait" I whisper slipping out of Tristains arm. I grab a note pad and write a note for Liza incase she wakes up. As I finish I kiss Liza on the forehead then head back over to the boys.

Tristan reaches his hand out for me to grab. "Let's go" I tell them tugging on his arm. "I have an ice cream date to get to", I brag.

"What?" I hear Brad whisper to Tristan as I let go of his hand and rush down the hall. I round the corner then stop when I hear Tristan's laugh.

"Don't worry mate" He explains "James lost a bet"

"Oh" Brad laughs in response but he still doesn't sound reassured.

I keep going so the boys won't think I'm ease dropping. When I reach the elevator I hit the button and lean against the wall waiting for them to round the corner. "Do you think they are still asleep?" I ask.

"Conner. Probably. James. Definitely" Brad answers, leaning against the wall with me.

I unexpectedly yawn. "Okay"

"We can always call it a night if you are too tired" Tristan teases.

"No!" I exclaim hooking my arm around Brads... very nonchalantly I might add. His eyes get very wide and look at Tristain. Meanwhile Tristain nods and give him a thumbs up. The elevator opens and we get in "Tomorrow after your show, you guys are leaving, right" I ask leaning against the corner.

"Sadly" Brad answers looking over at me.

"Not really." I cross my arms and get off the wall "You boys will go on to be even more famous than you are now" I proudly tell them.

The door dings and we get out heading back to the arena.


Connor is asleep, face down on the couch but I don't see James anywhere. "Connor" I say squatting down so we are face to face. When he doesn't move I put my fingers through his hair and repeat his name. Only a moan. "Time to get up". I tell him.

"We are going to find James" Brad tells me, I nod.

"Connor" I say again.

"No" he moans.

"I give up" I lie and stand up.

"Good" he says but then I lay on him. "Uggh" he grunts.

We lay there for a little. Our asses touching and it actually isn't awkward at all.

"Connor?" I ask.

"Yes love?"

"Can we be friends".

"What?" He laughs.

"Well after tomorrow, when you leave, can we keep in touch?"

"No doubt we will"

I look up at the dewy ceiling trying to figure out how to not sound like such a girl. "Well, it's just, I really come to like you guys. We could be great friends and it suck that we won't ever hang out again" I tell him in the best monotone voice I can make out.

He starts to move so I sit up and he flips over and sits up as well. "We all think you are wicked so it's impossible to leave you behind" he makes me blush and I tackle him down on the couch with a big bear hug.

"Thank you" I whisper in his ear. He kisses my cheek. We let go and smile at each other. "Let's go find the boys" I tell him. Then grab Connors hand and we walk out toward the stage. He puts his hand over my shoulder and I grab his waist. We start to simultaneously move our feet together. Right. Left. Right. Left. Right.


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