First Introductions

A girl bumps into a man and from a series of events, ends up meeting the vamps for the first time and there friendship grows in unexpected ways.


1. 12:00




The best feeling in the world is having the wind rush through your hair as you wheel your way down a road. So I do as I usually do and throw my helmet into the bushes. Usually after my mother insists I must wear it. So to please her I walk out of the house with it then dispose of it.

I start down the road to the rink with my head phones down around my neck. Who was that band Liza wanted to see in concert tomorrow? Oh ya. The Vamps.

After turning on some music I google them(thank god for google) and try to find seats to surprise her with.

As I push the link to the ticket page I hear a click of a camera. I keep riding but turn to see a blue haired guy "psh"ing me for ruining his shot.

I stop and kick up my board. "Oh my goodness I'm really sorry if I messed up your picture!" I get a little nervous because he still looks mad and kind of pissed off. I glance over at who he was taking the picture of and add "Here let me, so you can be in it too".

He angrily brushes me off and looks away. "Come on Dean let the girl take the picture" a wonderful British sounding voice sitting in front of us says.

"Alright" dean says

"Ya alright, alright" a couple of the boys reply in funny voices. I chuckle, then put down my board and take his phone.

Dean goes to sit next to them. All the boys smile and in some way it brightens up my day.

I turn on the front facing camera and take a cross-eyed picture of myself then quickly change it back and take there picture.

'Snap'. My eyebrows shoot up. oh my goodness. How did I not realize, "You guys look like this band my friend likes... Oh no way, are you that band? The Vamps"?

"Yes we are" the one with large hair says.

"That's sort of amazing. I was just thinking about you guys. Not in a creepy way! I am trying to find tickets to your concert for my friends birthday".

"That is cool" dean mumbles sarcastically.

"Anyway, why are you guys stopping in our small town"? I ask.

"It's a lovely town" the one with the big hair responds "and what are you doing with a skins shirt on"?(an amazing British TV show) I grab and shift my hair to one side then chuckle "and doctor who head phones" another says.

"I guess you could say I I'm in love. Why? Do you guys watch these shows. I'de expect you guys to like the inbetweeners". They all laugh and so do I. "No wonder why Liza likes you guys. Your the perfect package".

"Oh you're very cheeky" the tallest one says with a smile.

"Why don't you and your friend Liza come to our rehearsal tonight then hang out with us after". The big haired one says. I laugh. "What"?

"That would be awesome but that's a trickery situation". I tell him.

"What do you mean"

"Well you're forgetting it's 1 hour away. You definetly don't know but I don't have a car and my mom would not say yes."

"We could take you" the big haired one insists.

"Now who's being too straight forward"? I joke and he blushed. "Only if you could wait until after five o'clock."

"Why's that?" Another asks

"I have a hockey game today at 2. You guys are welcome to come" I insisted. "It will be fun".

"That sounds grate" big hair says

"You can't Brad" Dean the downer says.

"Awwww" they all wine. I laugh. They are so great.

"Okay. well I have to go" I shake each of there hands "it was very exciting to meat you"! I leave Brad for last. As I shake his hand I reach for the pen in my back pocket. "So, Brad" I look at him as he lets me turn his hand over. As I write down my number I tell him "Text me if you are curtain about coming. And if you don't end up coming... Text me anyway" I look back up into his eyes and smile "until next time". Then I grab my board and tell them "this was fun, see ya guys".

Then as I start to make my way down the rest of the road One of them scream to me "what's your name" I don't answer. If they really want to know they can text me.

I round the corner and stop. It's 12:40 "shit" I've got to get to the rink!

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