First Introductions

A girl bumps into a man and from a series of events, ends up meeting the vamps for the first time and there friendship grows in unexpected ways.


9. 10:00pm



When Connor and I finally find the boys they are sitting in the balcony looking head on at the stage.

"Well fuck..." I hear Brad say.

"What are we gossiping about over here, ladies" I ask jokingly as we enter. Connor goes to sit but leaves a seat open so I can sit next to brad. How cheeky.

I look at Connor and roll my eyes, he only laughs to himself.

"Life" Tristan says

"How vague" Connor replies

"So boys?" I ask

"Yes" they respond

"How did you get like this" I ask seriously.

"In a band?" James laughs

"Happy, full of humor. You're unexpecting" I smile looking down toward the stage.

"I could ask you the same thing" Brad whispers in my ear.

Oh I can't take it any more!!

I turn my head so our lips touch and we kiss. Brad grads the side of my head and keeps us together. Our time stopping moment was intruded by the sound of clapping.

"Woooot, ya mate" James yells as if we are a mile away.

How embarrassing!

I lean back in my seat and I can just feel my face flush. I look over to Brad and he is still looking at me with that beautiful smile of his.

"That's my boy!" I hear Tristan say and shakes brads shoulder. I can't help but laugh.

I look over at Connor and he is smiling as well then winks at me.

We all sit there for a while talking about life and mostly them, "THE VAMPS". I got to find out about how they got together and how much they went through to get here.

During the story Brad grabs my hand. It feels nice. Like we fit together; he doesn't let go and I don't mind at all.

After they finish there story we sit in silence for a while. It's not bad. It's actually quite nice.

Though eventually I clap my hands together and stand "I think it's time for my ice cram date" I look over to James and he rolls his eyes.

"I don't think anything is open this late" Connor points out. He's right too.

"Tomorrow? Before the show. One last hang out before we part ways!!" I say trying to hold my smile.

"Agreed" James says and we shake hands.

"Until then, I must go to sleep. At least for a little while" I tell them moving toward the exit.

"Nooooo" all the boys moan.

"Yeeeeees" I tease back. "Goodnight" I say and give one last smile to Brad then leave.

A little bit of me wishes he will come and walk me to the hotel but at the same time I really hope he doesn't because I needed time to think.

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