Dirty Secrets

Loving is easy but loving the man who doesn't even know you exists, your brothers best friend. Who's your brother oh Liam Payne from the popular band One Direction. Harry Styles he is everything you've ever dreamed of now you realize you have a big secret and you can't tell any one...


4. Over Protective

His hands pressed mine to the couch keeping me from pushing him off of me. His lips move from mine and I see Harry's body hovering over my own. I take a deep breath I can still taste his lips on mine. He winks and kisses my cheek before he sits up, releasing me from my hold. I sat still trying to comprehend what just happened, as i processed the scene Liam jumped on top of me along with Louis, I was pinned to the couch to the again.

"Where is Jessica?hmmmmmn? Have you seen her Louis?" Liam jokes

"Haven't seen her. Maybe she ran away." Louis laughed.

I poked Liam's back. "Look under you!" I muffled

"Oh there you are!" Both Liam and Louis hopped off of me and Liam turned towards me.

"Sorry sis, you're basically invisible." Liam laughed

"Nah man I can see her pretty well and I'm liking the view." Harry said under her breath.

Liam turned around his face was filled with rage. I jumped to stop Liam from making any bad decisions. I push him towards the kitchen but I turned my head to look at Harry. He had a huge grin on his face, I couldn't help to laugh. When Liam and I were both alone he slammed his hand on the counter, looked me dead in the eyes.

"I want you to stay away from the guys! Never be around any of them alone!" His voice filled with anger over a few little words.

I turn from him and walk out of the kitchen back to the living room right where I was siting. Liam enters the room soon after me, he sits in between me and Harry. He glares at harry then looks at me.

"Remember what I said!" Harrys eyes flicker with fascination.

I finally see the remote in Harry's hands I lean over Liam and grab the remote from him. I flip the channel to American Horror Story. Harry leans over Liam. I raise my arm behind me so it makes it harder for Harry to grab it over Liam and I.

"Hey I was watching the Telly first!" Harry still reaching for the remote

"Get off my sister!" Liam pushed Harry away from me.

"I was just messing around Gee Liam!" I couldn't stand Liam being so over protective I am an adult I don't need my older brother protective.

"Calm down Liam it's not killing her to socialize with boys. It might actually be good for her." I looked at the blonde with food falling out of his hands. Was he defending me or Harry or both of us. I see Harry from the corner of my eye leave the living room and head back to the bed rooms. Liam leans closer to me and wraps his arms around me.

"I will protect you no matter what. I can't help it." I push Liam off of me and stand up.

" I'm gonna lay down I'm not feeling well" I walk towards where I saw Harry went. I see the only closed door, I lightly knock on the door.

"hey I'm sorry for my brother. He's always been like this but lately it's been worse he knows I'm growing up and well he's taking it pretty hard." I whisper through the door.

The door opens slowly, Harry had a beautiful smile shinning. I wrap my arms around his neck, Harry kisses my neck and swings me into his room...

I know it's been short! And I am really sorry but I do hope to post more and I hope you enjoy. Please like and comment.

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