Dirty Secrets

Loving is easy but loving the man who doesn't even know you exists, your brothers best friend. Who's your brother oh Liam Payne from the popular band One Direction. Harry Styles he is everything you've ever dreamed of now you realize you have a big secret and you can't tell any one...


8. Night Changes

I rest in my car as my phone viciously vibrates text after text from Liam, Harry and Louis? I slide my phone open and reply to Liam constant where are you.

"Memory lane"

Read at 12:45. He hasn't left the chat he's been waiting. No reply he knew where I was the instant he saw it. I walked away from my car back to the swings and awaited for his arrival. He knew where my favorite place was to be especially when I like to think, he knew me better then I ever could.

I pushed myself back and forth softly, the wind brushed against my skin. Then I felt hands push me forward i heard Liam's voice from behind me.

"Higher?" He remembered

"Higher!" I exclaimed

He pushes me a little bit higher before he sits in the swing next to me. He knew something was up and there's no hiding it now.

"Jess.." There was a long silence. I couldn't find the words to explain how this happened. Nothing in the world could save me from these feelings I had bundled up.

"Liam, I love you but I need you to stop being over protective." I felt the tears stream down my face, Liam wiped them away one by one.

"Liam, I have to be able to try new things like meeting new people looking for new opportunities and you need to let me..." Liam's eyes shot to his feet, he knew what I was going to say he dreaded this moment.

"Jess I know who you're talking about. He has a girlfriend you can't be with him." I push him away leaving him dumbstruck.

"Liam why would you lie! So I don't date him? I've never had these feelings before and now you're shutting me down." I screech at him.

These bottled emotions had me on the brink of explosion. The first of the emotions have just leaked from the top and drizzled on to Liam and now it was ready to pour on top of him.

"You've protected me my whole life and now it is time for me to make my own decision. I'm tired of being your little sister I am ready to open my self to the world you've never let me do anything that would compromise what happened to me any thing that require me out of you view I was denied. I lost my brother that night and I got you!" I ran to my car I knew everything I said was true but I can't believe that he would lie so I wouldn't.....

I drove to the nearest Mc Donald's and grabbed a burger and a soda. I thought it would relieve my strained nerves. I sat quietly and ate the terrible tasting burger I've never had high expectations every time I took a bite from their food but what could I do it was decently priced. My mind crowded with the thoughts of past and present memories a life lived all for my brother and never myself. I may have lived that might but I died on the inside the only part of me that was alive was through my brother.

I backed the car out of the lot and made my way home, I was getting ready for Liam he wasn't about to go down with out a fight. The short drive was carried out by the anticipation. As I pulled into the drive way I sat motionless I was about to go in blinded by my emotions. I shook off all the fear and braced myself with the knowledge of my brother picturing all the possible outcomes. Nothing could prepare me for what I was hearing I heard screaming and pain induced yells.

"What the fuck Liam! " shattered through the front door.

I unlock the door and see Louis on the floor and Harry leaning over him in a protective stance. Liam was being held on the other side of the room by Niall and Zayn. I couldn't imagine what was happening but I was going to find out.

"I told you to stay away from her!" Liam spout.

"Damn it Liam I told you to back off Iam trying to manage my own fucking life." I couldn't help but to yell.

"Jessica stay out of it this doesn't involve you"

"Like hell it does! Liam you need to take a step back and realize that you can't not protect my 24/7 you have to fucking stop trying too!" Liam's face dropped from anger, it looked as if I stabbed him strait to the heart.

"I will never stop protecting you! Especially when it comes to him he doesn't deserve you!" Liam just wouldn't stop.

"Liam you have to let me make my own decisions and if it leads to a mistake then I'll know better the next time."

"But he already has a girl friend!" Every one looked at eachother trying to figure out who it was even harry had a doubt.

"I just can't believe you chose him out of all the guys him? Why couldn't you choose some one who isn't famous or isnt a total moron!" I felt insulted by the choice I've made

"You know what Liam this doesn't involve you it only involves me and him!" I felt the knife I've already had in his back made its way through him and now I've plastered it into his chest.

"Louis I will never forgive you for take my sister away from me!" I was shocked when he yelled the name. Why did he say Louis?

"What?!" Louis , Harry and I said in unison.

"I'm not interested in Louis! I love Harry!" I shouted

Now Liam's eyes where focused on Harry and Harry's eyes on me.

"Love?" Harry whispered

I just said it I wasn't thinking it just happened. Liam pushes Zayn and Niall away and walks to his room. He slams the door so hard it nearly falls off the hinge.

The other guys stained at Harry the silence spoke words of anger for bringing this upon us all but now isn't time to point the finger. Now is this time to figure out what we are going to do with Liam and how we are going to handle this situation.

"Jess we need to talk." Harrys deep voice rang in my ears

I nod and walk to my room.

Sorry it's been a while since I last posted but don't worry there will be more soon! And enjoy the story tell me what you think and like it if you like it.

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