Dirty Secrets

Loving is easy but loving the man who doesn't even know you exists, your brothers best friend. Who's your brother oh Liam Payne from the popular band One Direction. Harry Styles he is everything you've ever dreamed of now you realize you have a big secret and you can't tell any one...


3. Good Morning

"Wakey wakey! Eggs and ham!" The voice rings in my ears as desperately try to keep my eyes shut. I feel feet bounce onto the bed and jump all over me.

"Paybacks a bitch!" His voice echos through my head.

I open my eyes and looked directly at Harry standing on top of me.

"When did I ever do anything to you!" I yell

"Not you, ugly face your brother" he laughs but I slide my foot under his and he falls on top of me. He kisses my cheek he lips nibbles my ear.

"I'll always be on top" he winks and me then rolls off of me

Liam was still asleep after that my brother is usually up way before anyone else and running. I poke his back at his pressure points and he jerks awake.

"Aye what's that for!" Liam spazzs from the poke.

"Harry jumped on me and said something about pay back so I figured it was for you!" I laugh

I lift my self off the bed and grab some clothes from my closet. I start to walk to the bath room when I hear voices in the living room.

"Do you think Liam is still over protective of his sister?"

"I'm not sure but I'm willing to find out"

"Let's not mess with her, just let her be." I didn't recognize any of the voice at the top of my head but now I know Im going to have a real fun time with a few of them. Turn back around to go to the bath room but I run into Liam.

"Hey what up Jess" Liam looks at me a laughs.

I walk around him and into the bathroom, I close the door behind me and remove my clothes from last night and placed them into the almost full dirty laundry basket. I really need to clean up the house more often I feel like a pig with guest in the house. I turn the shower on and relaxed as the warm water pelted against my skin. I finish washing my body and jump out if the shower in to the cold air I grab the towel hanging on the curtain and dried my wet skin. I threw my clothes on and grabbed my makeup and carefully put on some mascara. When I finished I put every thing up in the right place as I was walking out the door I ran into one of Liam's band mates.

"Look here missy!" He grabs my shoulders

"I don't know who you think you are but I am the Louis the Tomo Tomlinson!" Ok two members names down two left.

"Sorry but I didn't see you!" I quickly evade him by sliding under his arms, I quickly walked into the kitchen. I see yet another one of his mates digging though my fridge mumbling to him self. I decided just to leave him be and not do anything. I walk to the living room and pile down onto the couch I flip through the shows until someone snatches the remote out of my hands. I know they're guest but they shouldn't be rude I'm ALLOWING them to stay here. I look around to see the moron who took the remote but a pair of lips meet mine with in an instant I was pinned to the couch.

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