Dirty Secrets

Loving is easy but loving the man who doesn't even know you exists, your brothers best friend. Who's your brother oh Liam Payne from the popular band One Direction. Harry Styles he is everything you've ever dreamed of now you realize you have a big secret and you can't tell any one...


7. Deadly Memories


Liam pinned me to the couch tickling me and I was paralyzed. I couldn't control my laughter but it was nice to see my brother is back to the way I remember. I eventually able to get him back when he let his guard down. I went for his most ticklish spot, his sides right below his arm. I missed this brother sister bonding ever since he's been away I've managed on my own I grew a sense of independence. 
"Okay. Okay I give" Liam laughs 
I look at the tv and saw i had an hour before I leave with Harry.
"Okay I'm gonna go get ready then." I stand and start to walk towards the bathroom but Liam grabs my wrist.
"Jess, if you don't want to go you don't have to." I wrap my arms around Liam. Even though I did it for Liam's comfort I knew a part of it was for my own. 
"I'll be fine. I just have to put up with him for five hours." The dagger goes further into my heart. Lying to him was killing me slowly and painfully, Every word like stepping on glass.
I turn back around slowly I walked to my room. I pass my room and walk to Harrys door. I stand motionless I wanted to knock but I couldn't. No matter how this turns out I'm going to be in pain. What options do I have that won't hurt anyone I love Liam but I also have feelings for Harry. I smell alcohol coming from his room it burned my nose it was so strong. I push the door open and see Harry and Lou sitting in the bed with a glass in their hands. Louis looks up at me then hands me his glass. He stands and pats my back his lips come closer to my ear.
"Good luck with this....date." His hesitation scared me. 
Harry raises his eye brow at me then shakes it off. He stands and I could smell of alcohol all over him.
"Damn it Louis." I mutter
"Don't worry I'm not to incredibly.. Drunk" he slurs. He tries walking towards me but stumbles on his second step. I lean in to catch him but he was a good foot and a half taller then me. I collapsed right under him. I push him off of me, once I caught my footing I reached my hand down to him. His big hands swallowed mine whole. I pull him off the floor and walked with him to the bathroom. I pushed him in side and quickly followed. I turned on the shower made it warm in hopes to some what sober him up. Harry walks close to me and kisses my neck. His hands find their way to my hips and tried to remove my pants. 
"Oh no you're taking a shower not me" Harrys smile vanished from his face. 
"Aww please Jessica I want you to shower with me." He threw in a set of puppy eyes. This guy is great at this this is coming from the person who does it all the time.
"Ugh I have to get my clothes first." I sneak out of the bathroom and walk around the corner to the living room. Liam was sitting on the couch talking to Louis while Niall was in the kitchen. I swear if I have to go to the grocery store again I'm gonna kick his butt. 
"I'm done how do I turn it off?" Harry screamed
Everyone looked around as Liam walked towards the bathroom. I followed him as he turned to the bathroom he slammed his hands over his eyes.
"Really Harry cover your self I've told you this before." 
Liam closes the door and presses him self against it. Harry yanks at the knob but Liam would budge. I could smell the steam from the running water coming from the bathroom.
"I don't know how to turn off the water." Harry yells through the door. Liam kept his pose as Harry kept pushing on the door.
"There are two handles turn them to you left" Liam tries to hide his laughter but I can see right through him. I hear the creaking movement of the old shower knobs. Harry goes back to the door and tries to push through again.
"It didn't work" I hear him whine
"Other left" Liam snapped
The knobs begin to creak again and the sound of water disappeared. Harry goes back to pushing against the door but Liam refused to move.
"Let me out Liam, please." Harry begged
"Are you dressed?" Liam asks. 
Harry stops pushing against the door and goes quiet for a minuet. Liam steps away from the door to let Harry through. Harry comes out dressed in a pair of black skinny jeans and a Ramones tee which looked too small for him. WAIT!
"Is that my shirt?!" I screech
Harry looks down then back at me. He pulls the shirt off and throws it towards me.
"Guess you left it in my room." Harry mumbled 
Liam's eyes widen as he looks at Harry. He grabs his arm before he could get to his room. I try to back up but Liam grabs my shirt collar. 
"why is you shirt in his room?" His face began to break piece by price into uncontrollably rage
"Well before you guy were here my clothes were in his room" I lied again! Lie on top of lie where was I going with this. Liam cocked an eyebrow but believed it for now.
"Fine" Liam walks away from us and leaves us in the hall way. I look at Harry grinning my heart pounded against my chest. I hit his chest over and over but he just wrapped his arms around me and held me.
"We need to tell him." He whispers 
Maybe it would be for the best but not right now. I wasn't ready to kill my brother.
" Eventually" I mumble
Harry hugs me tighter then let's me go. I walk to my room and grab my clothes from my closet. Remove the my pajamas and replaced them with my jeans and striped shirt. I fall on to my soft bed laying in my lies and pain. Tears began to stream down my face. I never though I would ever lie to my brother never the less being on the edge of killing him on the inside with my lies. Now I face this alone for the first time I fell like I am alone even though i am surrounded by people I couldn't of felt this alone. Maybe that's where I need to be is alone with out my brother or Harry. I stand up and look around my room I grab my shoes and slide them on. I grab my keys from my dresser and sneak out of my room to the front door to my car. I hear Liam in side laughing which only hurt more I want to enjoy my brothers laughter I don't want to be the cause of his pain. This is for the best I just need to go somewhere I know I'll be comforted. I unlock my car and sat down in the drivers side I turn the engine on slowly but I leave the house faster then lightning. I know where I am going I just hope Liam doesn't find me. 
I hit the last right turn and I was here. Memories flooded my mind and I could help but to smile. All the amazing moment I had every kind and caring memory was here and with my.... My family my mom, dad and my older brother. I see the swing my brother and I used to play on with our parents. I would swing and Liam would push me while mom would take the swing next to me and dad would push her. We would see who could go higher she would always let me win. 
I walk up to the swing and sit down on the side me and my brother would always pick. I slowly push myself back and forth for a few minuets as I though about all the amazing memories I had here before both of our parents died. I still remember every thing. The blood, the house, the.... Body's. And court with the monster. Liam blames himself for the whole thing. It wasn't his fault he just wanted to stay at a friends house. It wasn't his fault our parents died. It wasn't his fault the sick bastard killed our parents and.. And. Tears started to fall from my eyes and down my cheek. It wasn't Liam's fault it was that monster our parents called a friend. He was charged with murder and... Rape. I couldn't bare going through court and watch Liam see me like that to know that my first time was forced and with a guy who was 28 years older then me but that was when I was 12 it's been so long I try not to remember that, but Liam can't stop thinking of that. He's afraid it's gonna happen again he hovers over me so it doesn't happen again. Now I am ready I've made my decision and I know what I must do...

-cliff hanger!- 
I hope you enjoy it and I really do love it when you like and comment what you think so I can improve

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