Be Pretty

For the HYPE competition. Cover by the wonderful TheTravellingLemon.


1. Guise

My mind is a minefield of destitution and despair

My brain is a jungle with poison in the air

Filled with serpents that hiss and spit

Venomous words disguised as wit


My feelings are a tune with every wrong chord

My heart is a patient in a hospital ward

Bandaged and broken, bruised and battered

Every soft part torn, every hard part shattered


My anguish is a balloon growing ever more large

My pain is a fire with millennia of charge

Consuming my thoughts until nothing remains

Until there's smoke in my lungs and ash in my veins.


My smile is an illusion to make me seem strong

My laugh is a scream that just comes out wrong

Nobody questions my joyful guise

They leave me to wallow under my dark skies

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