All I Ever Need

17 year old Lauren Daniels is a famous pop singer, she has sold over 4.5 million copies on her first album across the world, she's a typical blonde haired, blued eyed, cute girl. She loves to have a laugh but she also likes to just chill. She is very laid back.

What happens when Lauren is asked to open for Austin Mahones Christmas tour 2014? What happens when Austin comes clean about falling deeply in love with Lauren?

Please do not copy my writing it was 100% me so make yours 100% you!xx


2. Chapter2


Lauren is all i ever want, she'a gorgeous, funny, easy going, laid back, cute and perfectly imperfect, she'd never feel the way i feel about her about me.

"Austin get your ass here" shouted Lauren

"Coming" i replied as i walked over and sat next to her, we began to take off so i put my seat belt on. Lauren smiled and put her blanket over me, she rested her head on my chest and put her hand on my stomach. She always did this when she was either cold or Tired.

"Austin what do you like about me?" Asked Lauren Innocently

"Why?" I asked

"Just tell me" Lauren replied

"Ok, everything i love it all, i think your perfect even with your flaws" i smiled

"You can't copy song lyrics" Lauren said

"I wrote them so i thought of them and i mean them" i replied

Lauren sat up and looked away, you could see she had tears in her eyes and i knew why she asked that question, it's because of all the hate on twitter.

I took two deep breath before moving her head to face me

"I love you" i smiled

"I love you to" Lauren replied

Out lips connected

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