All I Ever Need

17 year old Lauren Daniels is a famous pop singer, she has sold over 4.5 million copies on her first album across the world, she's a typical blonde haired, blued eyed, cute girl. She loves to have a laugh but she also likes to just chill. She is very laid back.

What happens when Lauren is asked to open for Austin Mahones Christmas tour 2014? What happens when Austin comes clean about falling deeply in love with Lauren?

Please do not copy my writing it was 100% me so make yours 100% you!xx


1. Chapter1


Me and 18 year old Austin Mahone arrived at our interview in New York about me opening for Austin for his Christmas tour this year, we sat down and out interviewer Chelsea immediately jumped i and said

"So we have heard so many rumours about you two dating, there's been a picture of you in bed together, there's been a pictures of you hanging out the lot, what going on?"

"Uh Austin and I are just friends and the picture of us in bed together was only because we were at my house and we were writing on my bed and then we fell asleep" i replied

"Haha i remember that your hamster chewed my shoes up and then when we woke up she died" laughed Austin

"Oh yeah haha" i giggled

"Haha ok getting over that weird story, who has the most shoes and clothes?" Asked Chelsea

"Well Lauren has the most by one pair of shoes that i bought her as a thank you presant" Replied Austin

"Oh yeah so like cause you bought them its like a draw" i smiled

"Awh you bought her some shoes?" Asked Chelsea

"Yeah it was her 17th birthday, we were hanging out talking about the Christmas tour and we decided to look around some shops and she saw them she liked them but she wouldn't let me get them so i said i went to the toilet and i bought her them" Austin replied

"Awh thats super where are you home towns?" Asked Chelsea

"Were both from San Antonio, it's weird that we haven't met because we live on the same street and our parents live near each other to" Austin replied.

"Ok do you see a future together?" Asked Chelsea

"Well a fan did come up to us the other day saying how good we look together but we don't really know like we've been really busy we haven't really had time to hang out and get to know each other like that" i smiled

"So do you find each other attractive?" Asked Chelsea

"Lauren is gorgeous, funny, easy to get along with and all that so yeah" Austin replied causing me to blush

"Ok sorry to put you on the spot are you two virgins?" Asked Chelsea

"Yeah i am" replied Austin

"And i am" i added

"Why?" Asked Chelsea

"I guess were just waiting for the right person" Replied Austin

"Ok were actually out of time, post below what you think b-bye for now" Chelsea smiled

"Lauren, Austin come on hurry up" shouted Austin's manager

We walked out to a black car with blacked out windows, we were going to the air port ready to go back to San Antonio for a break until the Christmas tour.

I got in and Austin got in next to me, he's all i need but he doesn't feel the way i do about him. I got my phone out and looked through twitter, i saw all the hate coming out about me and Austin supposedly dating. As it is now winter in America it is freezing i put my jacket around me i rested my head on the window and drifted off to sleep.

I got woke up by someone carrying me, i opened my eyes to see Austin carrying me, i laughed and said

"You can put me down now "

"No you can get on my back of you want" Austin replied

I smiled and got onto his back, we made our way through the air port with security surrounding us.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and held on tight as he started to run, i laughed and pulled my dress down so you couldn't see my bum

My legs tightened around Austin we got outside to a private jet. I got off from Austin's back and we walked up the steps. As soon as i got in i sat down on a seat and out my seat belt on, i pulled my blanket from my hand luggage and put it over me.

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