It Doesn't Matter

A boo full of poems. I chose this title because it is my personal favourite. I have published all of these poems elsewhere, so no, I am no plagiarising my own work!

©1Disawsum 2014


3. Burn The Pages

Her face was like an empty canvas,

The picture yet to be drawn.

Her face was like an ocean,

So deep, and full of meaning.


Her eyes explained what

She could not, her mouth,

The fullness of her plump lips,

Words did not escape.


The previous sparkle

That once lit up her eyes,

Now faded into eternity,

Never to come back.


Her life was a book

Stories untold.

The life she created,

Now open and over.


The life that hid behind her mask,

Preserved for decades, years on end,

Now torn open,

poked and examined.


Her story was over, the fiction,

Now non-fiction. She knew what to do.

Now it is time, to burn the pages,

And start all over. 


She was just a book

That caught the eye 

Of the wrong people.

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