It Doesn't Matter

A boo full of poems. I chose this title because it is my personal favourite. I have published all of these poems elsewhere, so no, I am no plagiarising my own work!

©1Disawsum 2014


2. Am I Still Not Good Enough?

Am I still not good enough?

What do I have to do, 

To be the perfect child you've

Always wanted?


Am I still not the person you wanted?

How can I prove it to you,

That I am worth everything to you,

How do I do it?


Am I still the most hated person?

Why do I do what I do,

Begging with you, pleading with you,

When you won't listen anyway?


Am I still the hideous creature you said I was?

What do you see, in those deadly eyes?

A pitiful, pathetic child, 

Is that what you see?


Am I still not worth looking at?

I'm sorry I have no luck,

I'm sorry I was born the way I am.

I'm sorry for everything I've done!


Am I still the imperfect child you said I was,

All those long lost years ago?

What can I do, what can I say,

To keep me alive, for one more day?


Mummy, daddy, please listen to me!

I've changed, I've changed, i promise I have!

What do I do, to keep me alive,

For one more day?


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