Too Much Perfect

Courtney and Kim. So much different, yet so alike. Even if their sisters, they still are best friends. That's what it feels like anyway.
Both of them need money. For that shiny new pair of designer boots and for that brand new touch-screen laptop. Desperate measures call for desperate times so each of them do what has to be done. Get a job.
But working isn't what they thought. And when two handsome people stroll into their lives, they instantly feel better. But is that person all who they say he is? Why has he never seen either of them at the same time? And can both of them deal with too much perfect?


5. Chapter 3

“COURTNEY IS CALLING YOU! YOUR BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING, SUPER TALENTED SISTER IS CALLING YOU RIGHT NOW SO YOU BETTER PICK UP!” screeched Kim’s phone. She woke up with a startled jolt, smashing her head against the window. Smiling, she remembered recording that ring tone. They snuck into Dad’s study whilst he was downstairs and made a voice note of Courtney yelling at the top of her lungs that message. Their Dad came bounding up the stairs and threw them out, but he didn’t ruin the voice note. Then Kim fiddled around with her phone settings so now, whenever Courtney calls, that is what she hears.

Shaking herself from her smiling flash back, Kim dived for her phone lying on her bed. Consumed by the thick covers, she shook them off and hit answer.

“Hey, Courtney where the hell are you? I called you ages ago!”

“Help me Kim. Help me.”

“What? What’s going on? Is anyone there? Do we need the police? Ambulance? Fire engines?” Kim slowly tried to calm herself down. It was only three in the morning.

What could possibly happen to Courtney at three in the morning?

Murder. Fights. Gangs approaching. Fires. More murder. Fights started by gangs. Murder committed by gangs.

“No, no, Kim calm down. I just have no idea where I am. Alright? I’m flipping well lost.” Kim breathed a sigh of relief. No gangs. Or murder or fires. She was just lost and that was all.

“Ok, well keep walking until you find a street sign. Then tell me the name and I’ll drive down to find you.”

“Ok. Ok. Ok. Ok. Um, walk. I’m walking. Still walking. Ok. Ok. Ok. Where is the end of this flipping street? Walk. I’m still walking. Ok. Calm down. Ok. Ok.” Kim drummed her fingers on the window pane. Her head was sore from where she hit it and she rubbed it gently. Yuck. She really needed to wash her hair.



“Have you found the street sign yet?”

“Oh yeah, I found it ages ago.”


“Ok.” Silence. Was she trying to wind Kim up? Or was she generally being dumb?



“What’s the street name?”

“I don’t know.” Kim slapped her forehead.

“You said you found a street sign.”

“I have, I’m right next to it.”

“Well then what does it says?”

“Robin Way.” Leaping up, Kim threw a lame green hoody over her pyjamas and grabbed the car keys.

“I’m on my way,” she said breathlessly as she got into her Mini.

“Ok. Ok. Ok. Ok. I will wait here. Flipping hell Kim it’s cold. Hurry up.”

“I am!” she yelled and hung up. Then instantly regretted it. She just hung up on her little, lost sister who was in some creepy street called Robin Way.

What if a gang came? Or robbers? Or murderers? Then what?

Typing Robin Way into the Sat-Nav, Kim floored it. Well, Kim never floored it, but for her it felt like she was. The roads were empty and dull. She tried to calm down her breathing and push away the thoughts of gangs and robbers and murderers.

Courtney was strong. She would defend herself. She would call nine nine nine.


Kim ignored the voice.

“1 minute until you have reached your destination,” spoke her Sat-Nav and Kim smiled. She would be alright. Courtney would be alright.

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