A Summer of Brothers

What would you do if your mom ran off to marry a rockstar while you end up living with his 4 sons who suddenly falls deeply in love with you.

Calum, Luke, Ashton & Michael..

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4. Chapter Two : The Girl Upstairs

Chapter Two : The Girl Upstairs


She's beautiful.

Her hair all dolled up, her makeup isn't too much, her perfume smells so ravishing.

She's... Amazing.

Her eyes, the way she looked at me, with fear when I pulled her and locked her down on the couch.

..My reflection in her eyes felt odd.

But.. I just met her.


Ashton drums right next to my ear.

"Haha! I scared you." He said laughing like maniac.

He sounds like a hyena, and sometimes it's annoying.

"Fuck you, Ashton." I stood up getting my bass.

"What's up with you? You're usually here before Michael and you're spacing out." Luke said as he tunes his guitar.

I nod my head, "nothing."

I looked at Michael who's violently eating some leftover pizza.

"Are you gonna share that?" Ashton asked him looking like he's going to drool.

"Nope" Michael said with his mouth full.

In case you don't know.

Ashton Irwin is our drummer. He is the eldest brother.

Luke Hemmings is usually our lead singer and he plays the guitar. Luke is the youngest amongst us.

Michael Clifford also plays the guitar and he's sometimes the lead singer. The second eldest brother.

And me, well you know my name.

Calum Hood, plays bass and guitar, sometimes lead singer and the third eldest then second youngest.

Together we have a band, we call ourselves 5 Seconds of Summer.

Now you're wondering how we're brothers.

Simple, same dad, different moms.

Why we have different last names?

Because we wanted to keep our mothers names with us. We don't wanna be like the Jonas brothers, no offense to them.

Ashton is 20, while Luke, Michael and I are 18.

Again you're wondering, how are we all the same age.


You'll find out soon.

"1,2,3,4!" Ashton starts the drums and we start playing our single, 'Don't Stop.'

After an hour of practicing I decided to take a break.

"Hey guys let's be done for the day. I have things to do." I said quickly leaving the room before they even asked.

I took the elevator to see her in her room before the guys find out.

Oh ya, I forgot to mention. They don't know she's here.

I started knocking on her door.

"Hey princess, it's me, Calum."

She opened the door, she's wearing a casual shirt and shorts.

"May I come in?" I flashed a smile at her.

"What's the password" she giggled.

Her laugh.. Why does it sound like it's the best thing in the world.

"Uhm... Please?" I said with the biggest smile possible.

"Nope. It's puppies. But I'll let you in for now. Next time it's puppies okay." Her smile was so breathtaking...

"You're so weird." I said grabbing her arm and pulling her in the room as I shut the door.

I dont know why but.. I plan to come here and be with her.


I have no idea what to do but sit and feel my heart pound hard and loud.

"So when do I meet the other brothers"

"Soon. But they don't know you're here so let's have a little fun with them!"


I told her my plan.

"OH MY GOSH CALUM! You're crazy. No way."


I showed my puppy face



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