It's been over a year since Cameron and Addison admitted their feelings for each other and also since Cameron he'd left, Addison is starting to believe that he had broken their promise which they had sealed with one last kiss and a goodbye.

~sequel to Mr. Sexy Bad Boy and Me~


5. chapter 5: vacation

"He wants to take our relationship to the next level, I didn't know what to tell him" I sighed, dipping my feet in the pool while on the phone with rosa.

"Omg really what??" She said loudly. "Wait are you going to do it??" She asked.

"I haven't thought about it that much" I sighed. "I mean I do love him but what if something goes bad, I'm too young for kids!" I exclaimed, splashing the water hard.

"So you're just not going to talk about it??" She asked, like I was being stupid.

"Listen, I'm not too sure, there are so many risks to this" I groaned, taking a couple deep breaths.

"I'm just saying, you should at least talk to him about it" she said. "I gotta go though" she said, hanging up.

"Fuck this" I muttered, taking off my dress and turning the speakers on before diving into the pool. I did lap after lap, I don't know how this made me feel better but soon enough it did. I just laid there floating on my back, breathing heavily.

I have so many fears about this, what if something goes wrong? I can't raise a child at this age, I'm a mess sometimes. On they other hand, nothing could go wrong and we could connect on another level. I want it to be special though, I can't have it just be..... Sex.

"Hey, Addison" jack smiled as he walked in. "Dad wants us in the living room" he said, waving and walking out. I hoped out of the pool and wrapped my towel around me, carefully walking to the living room.

"You are getting the floor wet" someone said, making me stop in my tracks.

"Yeah" I trailed off, running the rest of the way. "Jacky" I smiled, plopping onto his lap.

"Hello family" my dad greeted us.

"Why so formal??" Me and jack blurted.

"Because I can be, shut up" he muttered, clearing his throat. "Me and your mother are going on a vacation" he smiled awkwardly.

"Are you taking the little ones??" My brother asked quickly.

"No, that's what we wanted to talk about" my mom pitched in.

"Hell no, if you want to come back to just two kids, I suggest you take them" I said loudly.

"Well we can't" he said, taking a deep breath. "We will leave them with a family member I guess" he muttered, leaving the room.

"When do you leave??" I asked my mom.

"Tonight, for 10 days" she sighed. "Can you pack the kids bags??" She asked us, following dad.

"This'll be fun" jack muttered, pushing me off his lap.

"For sure" I said, pushing him out of the way and running upstairs.

"Addie, why are you packing my stuff??" Nikki asked, walking into her room.

"You're going to grandma and grandpas, me and jack are staying here though" I said as I pulled clothes out.

"How long??" She asked, sitting next to the bag.

"10 days" I said, sitting down as well.

"I'll miss you" she smiled, hugging me.

"I'll miss you too" I laughed, giving her a sloppy kiss.

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