It's been over a year since Cameron and Addison admitted their feelings for each other and also since Cameron he'd left, Addison is starting to believe that he had broken their promise which they had sealed with one last kiss and a goodbye.

~sequel to Mr. Sexy Bad Boy and Me~


20. chapter 20: family

"I don't know what to do with babies" Cameron sighed, looking at Nova in his arms.

"You just try not to fuck them up" I shrugged. "You can't really parent wrong unless you are straight up shit" I smirked.

"Babe, you're not helping" he groaned.

"Okay, okay I'm sorry" I laughed.

"Let me hold the baby" Dawna said, grabbing Nova from Cameron. "So what are you guys doing about a baby nursery?" She asked, not looking up from Nova.

"Well I was thinking that we just change Cameron's room into one so we don't have to move everyone around" I shrugged.

"Okay, well the girls brought all the stuff and we can just empty out his room now" Henry smiled.


"I'm so tired" Cameron complained, flopping onto the floor.

"It's not our fault your room was a pigsty" I shook my head, laughing. He did a lot of work, while I on the other hand got to instruct where things go. "If you do that to my room, I'll kick you out" I threatened.

"No you won't" he shook his head.

"Why not?" I asked, amused.

"Because then you'll be sleeping alone and let's be real, you want me to sleep with you" he smiled.

"Okay, you're right, I love sleeping next to you" I muttered. "But I do not like pigsty!" I added.

"Okay, I'll keep it clean" he kissed me. "You know it feels like we've done about everything" he said after some silence.

"It has been a while and we do have twins" I laughed.

"I mean there is some more things we could do in life" he muttered.

"Like?" I asked excitedly.

"Nope, can't tell you, it'll have to be a surprise" he grinned, practically skipping out of the room.

"You are so weird" I shook my head. I honestly love this guy to death, and we've got our own little family together, I can only hope we're together for the rest of our lives.

"How are the babies" Willow and Wes busted into the nursery straight from school.

"Good, Nova and Nash are two happy babies" I smiled as they both sat down by the babies and started to play with them.

"Addison" willow looked over at me.

"Yeah?" I answered.

"I'm happy you are apart of our family, I like you a lot" she smiled, hugging me tightly.

"I'm happy I get to see you everyday" I grinned, hugging her back. "Now, I hope you'll be a great auntie to the twins" I let go of her.

"Oh of course I will, I'll make sure to show them exactly how to get in trouble" she laughed.

"You're going to have your hands full" Wes added.

"You two are crazy" I shook my head.

"But you love us right?" They both asked.

"Yeah, I do" I shook my head lightly.

"Good, because we love you" they both hugged me.

"Okay, that's enough sappy for the day, let's go eat dinner" I offered, grabbing the twins. I took them upstairs and laid them into their playpen upstairs.

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