It's been over a year since Cameron and Addison admitted their feelings for each other and also since Cameron he'd left, Addison is starting to believe that he had broken their promise which they had sealed with one last kiss and a goodbye.

~sequel to Mr. Sexy Bad Boy and Me~


13. chapter 13: Girls Night

"I need help" I bursted into Ellie's room, once gaining the confidence... It's only been like a week.

"What can I do for you?" She asked formally, putting her books down.

"Well bitch, something went wrong" I flopped onto her bed.

"Oh god, what happened" she came and sat next to me.

"It broke, and I told him not to worry but all I've been doing is worrying" I sighed, resting my head in her shoulder.

"Oh babe" she gave me a sad smile, hugging me.

"I don't know what to do" I groaned.

"Well it's only been a week so you can't take a test yet so all we can do is wait till you can" she smiled, reassuring me.

"I don't know how long I can wait" I shook my head.

"Well, we just have to do stuff to distract you, so come on" she grabbed my hand and took me up to the kitchen and started grabbing snacks. "We're having a movie night, just us girls" she smiled happily.

"Sounds like fun" I nodded.

"It does, now go ask willow if she wants to join us and text Rosa and I'll be downstairs" she shooed me off, before rushing downstairs.

"Hey willow" I knocked as I opened the door.

"Hey ad, what can I do for you??" She asked, laying off the side of her bed.

"Movie night with the girls, want to join??" I asked, while texting rosa to get her ass over here.

"I'm one of the girls now??" She asked septically.

"Of course, we like you" I shrugged.

"Well I'll totally come" she smiled, running past me downstairs.

"Too much" I yelled after her, laughing and shaking my head.

"Of course" she yelled back, slowing down.

"Can I join??" Jack popped in once he got home.

"Are you a girl??" I asked rudely.

"No, but I can be" he smiled, holding his arms out.

"Just go to your fucking room, you cock sucker" I groaned, throwing a pillow at him.

"Oh sorry I caught you on your period" he challenged, smirking.

"Shut your dirty whore mouth" I screeched.

"So angry" he shook his head, leaving the room.

"Why'd you get so defensive when he said you were on your period??" Rosa asked, turning to me.

"I uh, I don't think willow should hear this" I managed out.

"Come on, I'm 15 I'm not a baby" she rolled her eyes.

"Fine, but you can't tell anyone or I'll kill you" I said sternly, making a cutting motion on me neck.

"I swear" she smiled, coming closer to the couch.

"Well, the condom me and cam used broke, not much else to it" i shrugged as rosa and willow gasped.

"Bitch girl" rosa sassed.

"I don't know if I am or not yet" I trailed off.

"Ad, I promise not to tell, but if you are you have to tell" she stuck out her pinky, smiling lightly.

"Thanks" I hugged her after.

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