Peace Lost ~ Divergent fanfiction

A girl, not even related to Triss or Four, is Divergent. She is told about that and then asked by her parents to join Dauntless. Arya, the girl, ends up joining but soon is found out by a new instructor, who just happens to also be Divergent...what will happen? Will they both stop the war? Will love evolve to something more? Or will they both be ones joining the new army?


1. Hope is Born

Arya, a fifteen year old girl, with divergence, entered the test room, settling in a chair and glancing at the woman beside her. The woman handed her a vial of liquid and she took it,

"What is this?" Ara asked warily, sniffing it before watching the woman. 

"Bottoms up." The woman said and watched as she drank it. Arya felt her eyes close but a split second later, her eyes opened and she stood, walking out of the chair and touched a mirror. She blinked as she felt around and saw herself in a box. She whirled as the sound of water erupted from the place and she blinked, water filled the  ox and she began to try and get out...her eyes wide as she began to drown. She blinked at her reflection, raising a hand she tapped on the glass and watched it break...Jerking awake she trembled as the woman quickly got her up and led her to the back door,

"Exit here and don't look back." she replied icily, urging her out the door. Arya whirled over and eyed the woman "what about my test results?" she asked softly, her eyes wide. 

"Your tests were inconclusive..." the woman replied softly, Arya stared at her and blinked "Meaning, your a divergent." The woman explained softly. 

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