Thought Of You // Luke Hemnings.

Cassandra Styles, Harry Styles little sister begins attending the same school in which the boys of 5 seconds of summer also are enrolled in. Her stretched ears, punk rock ego, and confidence is a bit intimidating yet intriguing for specific people.. including Luke. What will happen when Cass develops a close relationship with the boys, just as drama, secrets, fame and rumors increase!? Read on! :)


3. chapter one

Luke's Point Of View:

My head rised from the desk, and my jaw dropped at the view. The figure in front of me, smiles shyly in response to my staring. God she was beautiful. Her long brown hair with a tint of red, cascading beneath her shoulders. Her perfectly green eyes, and award winning smile. The girl had stretched ears, and a nose ring that looked well on her. Honestly, I believe she could pull off anything with how beautiful she is. I look down at my feet then back up at her, she was standing against the door, pulling at loose strings off of her sweater. "Class, we have a new student!" Mr. Suede introduces the girl. She smiles once again, and I can't keep my eyes off of her. "This is Cassandra Styles." He greets. Everyone's eyes light up, and their attentions are drawn to her. "Erm.. Hi." She whispers, and bites down on her lip. "Cassandra you can take a seat, wherever you'd like." Mr. Suede allows. "Thanks." She murmurs, and walks to the back of the room. She sits down beside Mikey. I should've known. His newly dyed pink hair was almost a greeting. I sighed in dissapointment, and turned back in my seat. "Aw poor Lukey." Ashley rolled her eyes. "Hey, michaels no better. He's a freak. It was just the only seat open. Can't blame a girl." She laughs, and twirls her hair. Ashley is adored by every kid in the school, besides me. When we were younger we dated, but only because my brother and her sister forced us too. Ever since then, my hatred towards her has been like no other. Mr. Suede begins the class, but I can't seem to shake the thought of Cass. How lovely she was, how I would often turn around and see her tapping her pen. How her voice was sweet. How her walk was slow, and shy yet confident. I have barely met her, and I'm already going on and on about her. Finally class is over, and I head to my next class. - - - From across the hall, I watch her as she squints her eyes and looks around for a class I am assuming. I was starting to think that I should help, when anger flooded through out my body. Ashton. Already on her first day "coincidentally" bumping into her, and flirting.

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