Those Summer Nights

Love, school, fights, romance


2. the plane ride


Brailyn, Elé, and I are loading onto this very expensive private jet that he's letting us borrow. We all got on board. The girls wanted to sleep so they went to some room that the pilot showed them. All of a sudden I got a text.

< Uncle Brian >

Hey Hun, I had some people call and they had an emergency, they needed to catch a ride to London. So you'll have some company! By the way, it's your some of your neighbors! Love you! Bye!

End of text. Wow okay, now I'm freaking out! Some of the very attractive boys are riding on this very plane that I'm in. Three boys walk on board. I sat down quietly and quickly. The boys were wearing hoodies, jeans, and sperries. They started talking about where to sit. They all took off their hoodies and that's when I realized who it was. It was Harry Styles, Niall Horan, and Louis Tomlinson. Nail and Louis were tired, so they went to sleep in some of the chairs. That's when Harry walked over to the isle right across from mine. I fumbled putting in my headphones when I realized he was starring at me. I froze. He just stood up and walked right next to my chair and sat in the isle. ( I was sitting on the isle seat) he just sat there. Nervously I said "hello. I'm Sophie."

He response was " I'm guessing you know who I am? But if you don't, I'm Harry styles." His voice was very soothing. " Yes, actually I know quite well who you are." I said very calmly because if I didn't, I would've died, or passed out. "Would you like to sit next me? Or are you comfortable there?" I asked. He didn't respond but he just got up and sat down right next to me. I couldn't believe I was sitting next to the one, the only Harry Styles. We just stared at each other for the longest time. He spoke very softly " You are very beautiful. Did you know that?" My mouth dropped. Harry freaking Styles just called me beautiful. I'm gonna die! "Well thanks." Was all I could get out. "If you get tired, you can rest your head on my chest, or shoulder love." He said with kind eyes. I just nodded and laid my head on his shoulder. I laid my hand on my knee, palm side up. He interlocked his fingers with mine. I didn't react. I just put one of my ear buds in his and we listened to music. He laid his head on mine and we fell asleep.


This girl was beautiful. Just gorgeous. When she laid her head on my shoulder, I could just smell her coconut shampoo. It drove me mad. I didn't ever think I could feel this way. I know she's probably a fan because we are listening to my bands songs. But oh well. She's the only fan I've met that didn't act crazy! That's when I laid my head on hers and I intwined my fingers with hers. And that's when we fell asleep.

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