Those Summer Nights

Love, school, fights, romance


9. moving day


Jamie is so amazing!!! I can't believe we've had sex twice! I really love this girl!! We both were startled when we heard a knock on the door, we both quickly got dressed. I opened the door. "Hey can I talk to you?" Liam asked. I nervously walk out. "What's up?" I asked calmly. "Well I kinda asked Avery to move in. Please don't hurt me!" He said jokingly. I nodded and went back to talk to Jamie. Only to find out she wasn't in there. I went to her flat and knocked on the door. She opened it.


I opened the door and invited Zayn in. I had decided to ask him if he wanted to move in. I felt kinda bad if he was going to have to hear Avery and Liam having sex every night! "Hay Zayn, do you wanna live here??" I asked. He picked me up bridal style and said yes in between kisses. We went back to 'our room' and did some stuff. After we finished having amazing sex, we moved some stuff around for his things. We went back to his flat after we got dressed. We packed up all his things and move them to my flat. That's when Liam and Avery walked out with everything she brought.


I was officially moving in with him. I really think he's the one! I really want to spend the rest of my life with him. We unpacked all of my stuff and went to head downstairs. We started hearing moans and groans coming from Sophie's flat. We walked in and we walked up to her door. We opened it quietly. Harry was on top of Sophie. He found her sweet spot. That explains why she was moaning! We shut the door. We walked out to the corridor. We burst out laughing. "That was so funny!" Liam said gasping for air!" "I know! I can't believe Sophie didn't lock the door. Every other time she has!" I said laughing so hard it hurt. We went to the lobby to rent a movie. We got the notebook. Once we got back to our room. We called a Chinese restaurant. The food finally got here. We were starving. We sat, ate our food, and crying all at the same time! This is the best inside date ever!


We finished the movie and I looked over at Avery. Her cheeks were stained red and tears were rolling down her face. She looked at me and immediately turned her face. I turned her head towards me and wiped her tears. She giggled and leaned in and kissed me. I felt the same sparks as I did the first time we kissed. It was amazing! I'm sure she felt the same way.

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